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MEDIA REVIEW: Brit show "Sex Education", all 8 episodes now on Netflix. Honestly I'll watch anything for Gillian Anderson she is my forever queen among mortals. But this show is awkward, honest, hilarious, and very well done. Would I latch onto any show that's about positive sex education among youth with very few missteps? Hellllls yeah. Do I want to re-watch it already and with pals, yes.

Biggest nitpick; If lots of interracial couples plz show ONE+ black-black couple or it kinda feels unreal

'Tidying up' spoilers 

Mom is Grim Reaper rant 

Mom is Grim Reaper rant 

(I mostly wanted to follow news about CES 2019 right now too, new consumer tech riles me up soooo much yay)

Gonna finally watch Marie Kondo today cuz although I already knew most of her methods and get rid of clutter every few months, I need like a “workout theme” playing as I tackle my wardrobe and the overflowing boxes of sweaters I’ve accumulated in a year plus for my anemic ass

@Eisbar ok it’s still there you just have to go the ‘channels’ tab and scroll up for a search bar or allll the way down for history and saved articles
Terrible design choice and not good what it says about the future of the app but at least I could find that article about specific ways to rub a tummy for better digestion. I needed a method for my madness😷

Just need to complain somewhere how terribly bad the updates to Apple’s default iOS news app have been since after Christmas. Since trying to disguise changes as ‘end of year highlights’ really

No tab for looking at stories you’ve read, or saved anymore. Why have the swipe options THERE then? And there’s no SEARCH BAR anymore so I can’t look up news about a topic and am only forced to go through the feed.
Thank shit I blocked Fox News long ago
Android are you better yet I really hate this

Poly relation things 

MEDIA REVIEW: Doctor Strange movie (2016) Never saw in theaters because of Bendykicked Crumberpatch's casting and agreeing main character shoulda been POC. But after viewing it on netflix, the casting made sense with narrative how pig-headed and skeptical Strange is?
Aside from that though, to see Mads Mikkelsen cosmo pseudoBuddhist fighting against Tilda Swinton in a Inceptionesque tesseracting reality of quantum possibilities and the fourth dimension of time, um. DELICIOUS SHIT WANT MORE THANK

Life updateo 

Life updateo 

Fall is really Morro puppy's favorite season I think; we've chased crickets and voles amongst the fallen leaves by the cemetery and now every leaf that moves must be caught and tasted. Love seeing her cinnamon bun tail wiggle excitedly so much.🍂

Binged all current four seasons of now I have a problem and it is the ship named Nygmobblepot.

🏃 Slowly getting myself into sprinting-to-running training because it seems like a good thing to do as a day-to-day slow challenge for self improvement I can really measure, in either distance or speed. As it gets cooler and I don't want to walk for hours especially. It's always been something I've been shitty at, and like as an anemic person could usually taste blood in my mouth after running much at all (oxygen rushing back to head I think?)

(Gotham season 4 summary)
Everyone to Bruce: "We don't know what your fursona *is* but we KNOW that you have one."

Note to Self; You can't chase time 

My maternal grandma memory; 

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