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Some ppl are saying it feels super fast and rushed but like, ok

the books were like that when I read them, you just start in the dialogue with Lyra & Pan and it's like oh this is her own speaking animal demon? what? cool (daemon but you get to hit the ground running)

Secondly it's by BBC more than HBO I guess? Which YAY but also lol British shows,.. compact!

Unsure they'll get to midway point of the 2nd book/Subtle Knife but 2 seasons for 3 books = scrumptious

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'HIS DARK MATERIALS is a retelling of Paradise Lost' 

"Instead of an all-powerful God, he crafted a frail, petty deity called The Authority. And instead of a great fall after the loss of innocence, the books celebrate a young girl’s growing up and defying an all-powerful order called The Magisterium. [...] “My story resolved itself into an account of the necessity of growing up, and a refusal to lament the loss of innocence,” he wrote in his introduction to an edition of Paradise Lost."
fanfic ftw

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@Eisbar so I saw the earliest reading age for Pullman’s trilogy is 5 and the latest 12 so in half a decade if I just gift my nieces those books 7 years in a row they’ll possibly read them eventually once before going to college I’d wisely wager,, yes?,,... hm

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*finally starts and catches up on His Dark Materials as a show show*

..... *goosebumps the entire time*

Me no want Harry Potter AR game me want dust collection photo filters and a daemon next to me in my phone and seeing between subtle knife cut realities and hghgggghhh

Science fantasy mORE INTO ME Plz
*drools and falls over in inspiration high*

Me vs Me if I moved back somewhere I could exercise outside 365 days a year


Scrolling scientific news cuz it makes me feel better: ohhhh 5th force of nature possibly discovered? In HELIUM? that shit we're running out of cuz make BALOONS for lols haha oh humans you stupid species

health article saying hey, that dry skin you have in winter could go away if you take shorter and colder showers: being personally attacked... the violence..... how dare u hurt me the only human without proper circulation like this,... *dandruff tears*

Keeps accidentally calling my Flapple a 'FAPPle'
🐉 💦
...thanx fandom......,,,,, thaaaaaaaankzzz..,. uwupbhrhkghuhdgf

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Gamefreak gamerbender hangover 

Overdosing on Pokemon swsh since I won't be able to touch it all next week during holidaytimes with the family (plus it keeping me from looking at the news/politics stress rn) and lemme tell ya

that Apple pokemon
how did they make me love it so much
shocked and upset over a dragon apple
i want to eat its face
with the utmost affection

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Begins playing Pokémon Sord
Immediately starts crying within first 3 minutes
I’m such a nerrrrrarRRD and I love Pokémon so muuuuUUCH 😭

Dreams where you fall completely and entirely in love with someone who doesn’t actually exist but when you wake up you still feel those emotions physically filling out your chest and heart spaces

More please
Sound painful? Oh sure. But.
The experience of love in any or all shape and form, I’ll take it.

Good news, bad news: meditate anyway 

Good news: Cooper pairs of electrons create models of possibly new state(s) of matter!!! (Alien alloy?) FUCC YE

Bad news: everything re: 45 but also since he doesn’t see N.Korea’s nuke tests as a big deal etc, wants to charge South Korea $350+ billion *more* for US forces there and fuck our alliance up! Wheee what a Mobster!!

Self reminder: “The affairs of the world will go on forever. Do not delay the practice of meditation.” -Jetsun Milarepa. Ty Oak app.

Pokémon Go Go Galarian forms 

Rumor has it Galarain Wheezing might appear for raids in PoGo after community day hours today. Honestly I’d skip community day otherwise cuz fUCK chimchar but I’ll definitely finally be hitting lvl 40 and that’d be a nice way to personally Cap that off 🎩

Sometimes you eat a lot of media (me, I do this) so much so to the point you need things that feel,,still palpably personal. Am glad PoGo does this and I want more AR real-world map games lots. LARP my brain out ty

Looking forward to when I have control again over how I celebrate Xmas and it’s just bigger better fancier gift-giving 2nd Halloween for us in my home nodnods 🌚

Unrelated BUT related; Christine McConnell ( the curious creations of ) episodes on Netflix are something special, more artistic home-making in Addams Family vein please

*bunch of artists on birdsite reminiscing about drawing Sonic the Hedgehog and related fan-characters over two decades ago*

*me in the corner, remembering I naively ushered young StH fans to ancient art archive Yerf until they outright banned Sonic & other Fanart plus became strict as balls*

/sad trombone 🎷
PS real glad we’re the adults/admins now 🤘


If Kojima or anyone working on DS *was* inspired by Year Zero or Reznor btw I only find that as a very good thing proving superb taste, but also--
Top 10 NIN tracks I expect to hear in the game put in by Players Sharing Resources:

1. The Day The Whole World Went Away
2. Survivalism
3. Into the Void (near BTs)
4. The Fragile (her name omg)
5. The Great Below
6. Where Is Everybody?
7. We're In This Together
8. The Big Come Down
9. Memorabilia
10. La Mer (💙 )

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@Eisbar honestly it’s ‘only’ one diary entry by a “Counselor” you find on a database and I’m really HOPING that’s the full extent of the prejudice so they could cut that out in an update ..... if there’s enough negative backlash first tho, likely..... blech

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do you HAVE to be bisexual to have deep relationships with everyone? is human connection all about the bits mashing? does sex only & always lead to deeper emotional connections??? no none of these things there's so many Asexuals that are compassionate and super loving human beings and even if it's bad Gov't Propaganda in the game (unsure, screenshot seemed backstorylike) it just blowsblowsblows

Someone tell Kojima asexuality isn't responsible for Japan's lower birth rate plz

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there's an anti-Asexuality stance in DS. It could have been done in better ways but is literally a "asexuality was a growing trend which encouraged more disconnect between humans! WOE" ...which is very :/ 8| barf

Saw a tweet that was all "Ok Boomer" but "Ok...Joomer? He’s Japanese not Jewish though..[so] Ok Nihoomer"

He has good themes and messages but!! It is sometimes very at odds with its presentation?

ART of it all still delicious tho 👣

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