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All i really live for in life is chasing an orgasm that makes me forget contemplating the 4 dimensional object that is the defined fact of timespace for over two minutes and I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to settle for less than that

@Eisbar it feels so special when someone special to you tells you they certainly find ya special too

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Never have I ever wanted to pelt a house with ice-packed snowballs more than this house on the corner three buildings down from us which is now blaring Christmas jingles on outdoor speakers 24/7 to match its inflatable decor
Going nuts with decoration is magnificent but noise pollution that makes your neighbors question their sanity and ability to sleep circa 4am,,, why this 🙃

The Danish Girl 

Am still happy it’s on Netflix and will still probably leave it streaming loudly anytime I’m near a tv that works when home for the holidays bbbbut
Other than the cis-casting, huge qualms with the movie basically chopping off an estimated 20 years of Lili Elbe’s life, transition steps and the undisputed queerness of her wife Gerda Wegener née Gottlieb. Damb that smarts something unnecessarily tragic made moreso.
Very comforting to watch the first half tho

MORE please 🌈🎨

@Eisbar thank you Lio Fotia for making the act of wearing high healed boots not only much more androgynously powerful but also antifascist

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It’s been ten days since we finally saw Promare (redux), Inferno is still the best song to start a day with and the determined animu fire burning in my heart has only grown ten times larger as it ever was before 🔥🚨🔥

🐉 it WILL warm me all thru winter and strongly face challenges the upcoming year brings 🏍

Giphy should rly hire me 

A bug I’m sure they’re working on is how Giphy keyboard will nest in its own app if you had Giphy kb open in another app looking for an image then open the Giphy app. Get Giphy app to default Out of two search bars with no normal character input methods.
But problems I previously listed are tedious ocd organizing which I LOVE. Digital Marie Kondo, me
ONE day my degree in what I’m super passionate about but don’t practice enough (Motion Media Design) will be of use.. 💪

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Giphy should rly hire me 

@Eisbar Giphy has issues I’d love to help fix to become more reliable but how does my critique help endear that? They have a superb service I’d love to help make perfect; ASIDE from slowly re-sourcing thousands of gifs swiped from tumblr and misattributed — better keyword tagging of images for searches, ability to follow creators or tags, encouraging more original content from mograph makers? Compression tutorials?
Fears it will perish if seen mostly as a content scraper

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Giphy should hire me 

Sometimes there’s companies I love and use far more than a normal user and wish that would translate into job get if I wasn’t so socially awkward andor seen AFAB.
Like Niantic is creating AR Glasses which gets me SO STOKED about Dennō Coil possibilities or how they could make next ‘lasertag’ franchise but AR playgrounds in old office parks!
My many gatekeepery Niantic interviews soured me tho
And giphy!! I use SO MUCH cuz so few apps have reaction stickers + yum consistency

Might do somethin’ nuts and join reddit days before the year 2020 cuz I want to do Pokémon Sword nerd things like trade for shinies and discuss Battle Stadium strategies
Heck in 2018 I finally joined discord to talk to local PoGo players; digital kreature herding drags out socializing needs of me 💦

Just His Dark Materials things 

2:1 odds that we really gonna see Cittàgazze VFX realized next episode and im

👥 pretty 🔪exciiiiiiited 🔪

Thought I was done with regards to catching Pokémon in Sword, then I learned about how rare Gigantamax-able forms of Pokémon are plus which dens spawn what how often and like
WHAT A HOOK for additional timesink

Need me dat big gooey apple dragon tho

Everyone who thinks baby Yoda’s so cute is actually enchanted by Fennec foxes VFX artists are just helping them get pop nerd cred for the moment no I will not be hearing counter-arguments at this time

@Eisbar honestly tho how can you nOT get jazzed every time you’re in the Battle Tower when Toby Fox made the Theme for it and it’s so rousing and in general such a banger 🎶⚔️🛡

Battle for Tobytunes
Smart move Nimtendie

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Pokémon SWSHy post-game 

Preeeeeetty sure I played both XY & SunMoon almost 200hrs each as well but now that there’s real life eSporty competitive reasons to be strategically good at Versus battling with types and movesets immmm having trouble not being addicted ach
Less of a headache than Pokémon Go battles are at the moment currently!! Hahaha neither of those games in their main quests properly prepare you for the tactics gamers use against each other eek

*researching Trick Room teams*...🤹‍♀️

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Pokémon SWSHy post-game 

@Eisbar *absolutely takes any and all Pokémon in my boxes that are only Good or OK IV ratings which I’m not emotionally attached to either up for Wonder trade or released into the pseudo-wilds, resulting in halving my horde*
Im like a wildlife researcher just tagging and freeing critters for cataloging purposes and, listen
Battle Tower is hard as beans

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Pokémon SWSHy post-game 

If there’s one concept about current Pokémon I love other than the fact its (online) post-game can be much longer than the main game it’s the idea of creating a “living” Pokédex. Cuz you might think it’s a misnomer but honestly, by having one+ of each Pokémon technically available per generation with the knowledge you’re holding onto tiny chunks of code— you truly are keeping living reproducing changeable bits alive on your game.
And I think that’s beautiful 🐣


Unlike Game of Thrones which took thickass ASoIaF books and made one season out of each, this story is for a younger crowd, HAS it's ending and has been adapted as a stage play and!!! although basking in the worldbuilding is possiblefun I think that's where Golden Compass movie failed.
Philip Pullman maybe learned from that failed adaptation? And How cinema should be easily digestible toward the goal so message isn't muddled

anyway I lovesit omnomom plz try some

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