This weekend's adventure was a river taxi trip to Leeds Dock. I haven't really been there before but it's a great place to hang out - really chill vibes and some lovely spots to sit and watch the world go by. The river taxi was super cute, the North Star cafe lives up to the hype and the stroll back home along the river featured some really pretty sights. I'll definitely be heading back whenever the weather is nice enough, if only for another pizza and beer by the river while watching F1.

So excited that Tool will be on tour again. I do hope I can get a ticket to one of the events! They're incredible live.

Spent the afternoon in York at a Van Gogh experience (a cool projection mapped room and a VR experience) and it was *awesome*. Plus, York is a really cool city. It has a great feeling of age and history, some beautiful sights and very pleasant vibes.

Remembering the time I saw these two very stressed leaves at a nearby park on a particularly windy day last year

Visiting a lovely cafe in Leeds I've been meaning to pop in to since The Before Times and I was like hmmm, latte... cappuccino... and then I saw this:

Sold. The Flamingo Coffee House in Leeds is really nice.

Took a chance and walked up a random alley to see where it led and was rewarded with this cute doorway art. Also, the alley led to a cat cafe place. I like Leeds.

For the last several years I've been in the habit of carrying this little brass pig with me everywhere I go. He reminds me to be true to myself. It's important - if you're not true to yourself then the things that were meant for you won't ever be able to find you. In a way he represents the real me - "Hey, you're the kind of guy who carries a pig in his pocket. Stay true to this!". A little token to remind me what my soul looks like, and of all the places I've been to get here. He means a lot.

Int. Snickers Factory. Day. Lab Technician bounds excitedly into a meeting with Department Head.

LT: We have developed an AMAZING new product.

DH: Go on...

LT What if I told you that we have developed a Snickers bar with not 200, not 100, but just 99 calories!?

DH Amazing! But... how!?

LT I'm not going to sit here and pretend to understand the science. All I know is, we did it.

*With a flourish, LT presents... a miniature Snickers bar. There are no other differences*

DH "..."

LT "..."

I guess I finished Anthem, yaay! I unlocked a cool small room to look at in Fort Tarsis and some amazing gold paint for my now-useless Javelin. Took about 611 hours ish.

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