Video games industry figure Todd Howard said that one thing he thinks games can give you, that no other form of media can, is a sense of pride - "Look at what I did". I agree with that, and it's a nice way of saying something I've been thinking about for a long time. Thanks, Todd!

So what's up with going on the Premier Inn website or whatever and they're like "yo we have rooms from £29!" and you're like "sweet, I'll take one room please! :D" and they're like "no problem that will be like £130 lol and you're like "... but... the sign..."

They're showing The Matrix at IMAX screens in the UK next weekend. I got two tickets on sight and have recruited a fellow movie-goer. The Matrix!! I love that movie. The Wachowskis always hit for me. I really recommend Bound which, after quite an offputtingly horny first 30 mins, becomes a really gripping drama about a couple robbing the mob. It's really great.

I've spent my evening drinking mead and playing the Animal Crossing Turkey Day stuff (happy Turkey Day everyone!) and enjoying the feeling of having a lighter heart. Also, Animal Crossing is way more fun with other people.

I haven't tooted in ages! It's a sign I've been having a hard time I think. Working through some tough deadlines and stuff at work, and being behind on work makes me feel guilty about spending my time on more frivolous things like toots. But great progress was made today and I'm feel good about it, and I also feel better about the Bad Thing now we've reconnected and made friends again. Appreciating the good is important. I'm surprised because this is the time of year I am usually sad about it.

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Trump's social network (Truth Social) is now open source due to pressure from the maintainers of Mastodon.

I have now mirrored the code on Codeberg and GitHub to keep track of changes, ease public examination, and ensure a copy stays public.

I have also generated a basic diff between Mastodon v3.4.1 and Truth Social's latest code.

#TruthSocial #mastodev

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I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

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The guy in McDonald's took one look at my order and gave me two straws. Oh, you dear, sweet child.

Yeah I just had a three hour nap, what about it!?

One of the dangers of just being able to do whatever I want now is that I end up doing it haha.

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Jolla serves again!

Premium mobile operating system creators with new Sailfish OS version 4.3.0 "Suomenlinna"

From now on, any app that defines an application profile will be automatically sandboxed.

Many need Android stuff too, so improvements to Android App Support are in.

Wishing to leave the notorious Google ecosystem and services behind? Sailfish is for you!


#Jolla #Sailfish #SailfishX #SailfishOS #mobile #Linux #deleteGoogle #deleteAndroid #Suomenlinna

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**UK Supreme Court blocks $4.3bn class action against Google**

"Decision in data privacy case upsets a string of similar claims waiting in the wings against other tech companies."

#news #bot

Wholly committing to today being a rest day and just watching YouTube and playing low-concentration video games (the remainder of my concentration being used to ignore the piles of ironing and dirty dishes just in my periphery here). It feels restorative. Days off are awesome after all, to nobody's surprise.

Thinking about setting up a residents group for my apartment building has got me thinking about digital tools for that. Having FB as a default that everyone goes to is actually really powerful and useful because it negates the setup step for creating a group - we don't all have to install anything or sign up to new services etc. - but also it's (obviously) a limitation that everything goes through this one place and the tools and framework for what you can do are defined by one group of people.

I'm kind of falling into a YouTube hole of watching vlogs, and an interesting point was made in one about not wanting to go to bed at the end of the day. I've always been one to resist bed time, and the relatable theory in the video was that it's because it's a way if feeling like you still have control over your life if that's something you're lacking. It's a decision that's totally yours. I also think it suggests you're not in the best place in life if you're putting off getting to tomorrow.

It is just disappointing when the news app live tile thing has an interesting looking story on it for once, but when you launch the app that story is nowhere to be found and you're just presented with nonsense clickbait.

I haven't tried Windows 11 yet but I'm super not excited about the widgets at the moment because I can never get the individual apps to work the way I want, or show the news I want, so having a headline feature just being 'that, but all up in my grille' isn't very appealing.

Lol at Square Enix for putting out a patch to slow the rate of progression in that Marvel Avengers game and then adding the ability to pay to speed up progression, after promising that in-game purchases would always be cosmetic only. They did make a shirty non-apology and remove the 'feature', but it really shows where their heads are at in terms of how they view their product and audience. It's not with respect in either case.
Video games are getting so weird with this stuff. It's damaging.

Dune is an amazing movie! Wow. I haven't read the book or seen the last movie so the story was mostly new to me, which perhaps helped. I was blown away. I loved the design and style, the casting was superb and the story and pacing kept me interested. It had that movie magic for sure. I would definitely recommend it. I really want to either watch that old movie or read the books to see what happens next.

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My next meeting is on Monday at 09:30 and I am so happy haha. Really looking forward to a quiet few days of working in my own little zone.

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