Somebody should make a printer that shreds up magazines and catalogues from the mail and uses their lettering like a serial killer by gluing them to paper to print out texts.

boost if you count like this: 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20, 21, ...

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You can be sincere here!

You don't have to end everything with a barb or a sardonic twist

Welcome to this little scholarly patch of the Fediverse, where you can leave the outrage cycle behind, and just earnestly enjoy what it is that you're learning, teaching, researching or studying

@jeybe Please remember that @dansup is doing this for free. The only reward he gets is our appreciation. And I think, he really deserves it. At least he is working on the project. So I think he is free to communicate whatever he wants. If it does not fit your taste, you can mute him and his accounts.

:pixelfed: 👍

Prismo has now a Bountysource profile!

It let's you post a bounty for any feature you want to be implemented. When feature ships, author of the code receives raised bounty. It can be anyone, not just Prismo team member! :)

Maxime Fiset, skinhead néonazi repenti, plonge dans les souvenirs refoulés de sa radicalisation d'extrême-droite, afin de mieux comprendre la tangente xénophobe que le mouvement nationaliste identitaire québécois a récemment pris.



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The main contradiction of liberal democracy is that it has largely been shaped through a history of various forms of illegal civil disobedience against entrenched power structures. Such civil disobedience is retrospectively seen as justified, and the people committing it are retrospectively seen as heroes. However, each successive generation is asked to believe that any further civil disobedience would be unreasonable.

A few advice to help
1. Be green, plants will not only clean the hair, they will also make your eyes go away from the screens
2. Work out, it's really important. You also get ideas while exercising (on a personal note I get amazing ideas while swimming I just can't write them)

@cwebber A hip hop artist out of Minneapolis has a new album out digging deep into the realities of our current situation.

A line that sticks out is "I might be the last generation of grandparents".


Trying to find a word/term: like white supremacy but instead of defining the ideology, or institution. What do you call white people thinking they are right, more knowledgeable?

User interfaces like this that try to be all "relatable" in a cutesy, cultivated-marketing-identity manner really rub me the wrong way. I've taught ESL and I've studied other languages and this is really frickin' obnoxious for folks who aren't native speakers. Cut it out, tech companies.

👉 Your dose of curate weekly links: accessibility tools for colors, to design for colorblind, accessibility general tips, CSS and HSL, CSS grid area, notifications and UX, building design systems and more.

“Will you be nice to Facebook and Google at the afternoon sessions?” — organiser to me at #NordicPrivacyArena

(I asked the transport minister of Finland and the Mozilla rep hard questions at their sessions.)

Me: “I don’t think that’s the right question to ask. Would you be nice to Exxon Mobil at an environmental protection conference?”

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