@shriekingmarxist It's depraved behind understanding. most of the administration's policies benefit him, but I'm not sure why he's invested in Saudi arms deals outside it benefiting his acquaintances at the country club.

@stunt_bird even the bad episodes of season 2 have good stuff in them and they clearly know whats working or not and try to reinvent stuff from week to week. The lynch season finale is still head and shoulders above it, and a massive whiplash from even the best bits of the immediately preceding episodes.

@stunt_bird If you're enjoying the early Windom Earle stuff, you are going to have a fine time the rest of the season. I remember this stuff still being being pretty not great and it improving in a couple more eps.

@stunt_bird where are you at? The last 6 or so episodes before the season finale are pretty decent.

@mardiroos listen, it's about the same effort landlords put into anything

@coopercoopercooper I use twidere and get twitter and mastodon in the same app. (for twitter accounts you have to change the default key so you don't get rate limited.)


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