So I'm heating up some pyzy on a frying pan and, upon discovering that the heat was too low for a dish made purely ofdough , I said to myself, "Turn that shit up, these babies are thicc."

This it my internal monologue now. It's your fault, internet. Take responsibility.

Butt clench mode terminated.
Chill protocol engaged.

oh wait, that was supposed to go to the art mastodon. ah well. enjoy yourselves.

Patreon decing to implode instead of supporting artists makes me wish for a non-privately-owned alternative that couldn't legally pull shit like that.

@chuckwendig I want to art so hard that I'll shit ideas for a week.


I know this is not how the whole food sharing is supposed to be done, but I made these misadventures with pre-made puff pastry during the weekend.

dogs in trouble 

@DarkestKale Thanks. I know that, but my inaction bothers me even if I'm not responsible.

dogs in trouble 

I saw a dog without an apparent owner today. It looked lost. I'd have loved to help it, but I have neither a phone of my own to use as I please, nor a house to invite anyone I want to. So I didn't help, and I hate myself for it. I keep thinking about that dog.

They were good crisps. Totally worth the walk.

Fuck it, I'm going out and buying a pack of potahto crisps.


I do wish my mother didn't have such a hair trigger on treating me with exasperated condescention, like she's some fucking ever-suffering martyr. I wish even more she wasn't a psychology-ignorant abuser who keeps making her own suffering even worse and inflicting it on me. Fuck you, mom. 😡

Hey, it's not like she'll read this. It's been years since she's shown the slightest interest in my interests or feelings.

I should knock it off with the video games a bit and practice some stuff.

Every time I upload something to Soundcloud, one of the many bots there starts following me.

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