Anyway I guess I'll have to start with introducing everyone to the four new characters I created and drew this year.

yeah I know I know I have so many characters lmao but I just can't help it it's too fun creating new ones xD

Let's start with the first one: Lieutenant Mercedes Luna the Sentinel Operative!

That's a new corps thing I created that are basically cool space agents.

Anyway Mercy is the youngest wife of the Fleet Admiral's guard captain and is the head sentinel officer of the SNCOM (fleety's staff).

Next is Dr. Philippa E. Bachmann the salt-and-pepper veterinarian c:

(the E is for Esther)

she's a kinda brusque woman who prefers the company of animals over people. She also has an old maine coon named Mr. Sawbones (no drawings of him yet).

Third is Dr. "Tin" Tin'acri'lla, a young euchrerachi princess and enthusiastic planetologist.

She likes rocks and planets and pink, and is also Dr. Priyashmi's (the fleet admiral's science officer) biggest fan.


And last but not least the bearded cat aliens now comes in viking flavor!

Dr. Vaiki "Vai" Kalla is an archaeologist, amateur heavylifter and has a bad habit of falling for older women...

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