On an unrelated note: yesterday or so (I think, my sleep routine is kinda messed up right now) I had the silly idea to make a little... idk what to call it, a horse color genetics/breeding simulator tool in construct 3, after I've been sorta wistfully remembering the horse browser sims and arpg's i used to play as a kid.

I've got a working prototype for random horse generation, breeding and genetic testing so its going pretty well so far

See my very silly idea which i have absolutely no idea if i'll actually realise is to do like a solo horse arpg on the side, just a fun stress-free super-indulgent side project on my terms.

I kinda do find drawing horses very de-stressing

Either way, my only problem was that one of the things i enjoy with horse breeding games is that little level of not knowing what genes a certain horse could carry, but obviously thats basically impossible to simulate with an arpg...

...unless, of course, you're a big fucking nerd like me who decides to go and make an entire horse breeding simulator tool


The main feature of this little tool is that while it hides the generated genetics, it also calculates and shows the visible color.

Of course the only loci in the tool so far is extension and agouti, but still :p

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I have a more far-fetched idea of adding the possibility for some vagueness. Like adding more specific descriptors, like say a sunbleached black or a vague brown/black where you cant tell if its a smoky black, a seal bay or just a sunbleach-prone black.

Just gotta figure out a way to do that in practice though...

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