Another preview cause I finished Saraii's sketch today!

Now I only have one more character to sketch and then I can do the flat colors/design their color scheme!

Also I forgot to post the first sketches of these characters here so here they are.

This character batch are marine guard and astronaut sentinel teammates for Sanrowe and Mercedes, with Saraii also being their wife.

Done in a slightly chibified style.

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Since pillowfort is down I guess I'll just have to post the previews here only.

I've been slowly working my way through the portraits of the newest characters. So far none of them have ended up looking much like their first sketch, though I like how they turned out.

I'm now working on the third, Saraii, and I'm having some issues with it but gonna let it rest for a bit and come back to it later...

Also, not new characters, but B'toma and T'Kiv got overhauled portraits (especially for B'toma) and have also been upgraded to main cast status, meaning they're the only male characters there. They're like, honorary lesbians lol.

1st pic is B'toma, the surgeon, and 2nd pic is T'Kiv, the head nurse! They're husband & metamour of the ship's CMO.

And last but not least the bearded cat aliens now comes in viking flavor!

Dr. Vaiki "Vai" Kalla is an archaeologist, amateur heavylifter and has a bad habit of falling for older women...

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Third is Dr. "Tin" Tin'acri'lla, a young euchrerachi princess and enthusiastic planetologist.

She likes rocks and planets and pink, and is also Dr. Priyashmi's (the fleet admiral's science officer) biggest fan.

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Next is Dr. Philippa E. Bachmann the salt-and-pepper veterinarian c:

(the E is for Esther)

she's a kinda brusque woman who prefers the company of animals over people. She also has an old maine coon named Mr. Sawbones (no drawings of him yet).

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Let's start with the first one: Lieutenant Mercedes Luna the Sentinel Operative!

That's a new corps thing I created that are basically cool space agents.

Anyway Mercy is the youngest wife of the Fleet Admiral's guard captain and is the head sentinel officer of the SNCOM (fleety's staff).

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- The astrogation department portraits are done;

- Eiéads design overhaul:

- I'm also now working on the bio department, and Torinth and Echo have been finished so far; &

Do check out the links in these toots as I'm only sharing a small portion of it here!

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Sorry I haven't posted here in like forever, I've kinda settled in at pillowfort (I'm EmilisBorealis there!) lately and so that's where I'm active now!

That said, I'll give you a quick & dirty roundup;

- I've got a new website & a new domain! It's!

- I've been on an insignia chart-making roll; ranks: departments: positions:

|| Coa'luol'i ||
An updated Coral, now a lab assistant!

"Born on a starnaval ship to a spacer, she's never been more than a stone's throw away from a space dock and like a fish in the sea she belonged to the Star Navy. An energetic and excitable girl with a fascination with the world, the universe and pretty much everything."

Full post:

The first two alien body redesigns that I've finished! The tenlan and cotr resp.

The tenlan has gotten some new tactile/semi-gill tentacle organs + some shimmery skin texture.
The cotrs has had some floof upgrades, or well, mostly the women have, and they also has some subtler paw pads and dew claws now.

Cw for nonsexual nudity

Full post:

Naughty art 

And here's also pencils for this one lewd drawing :B

Juliatta, 74yo vice admiral and cotr matriarch, Rosmae, 64yo rear admiral, and Echo, 22yo ensign, in a threesome.

This was really fun to work on and I think I've learned more about anatomy with this than I have in like years. Porn is the best anatomy practice lol

Some current WIPs;
updating Coral's portrait (whom I've also changed to science division), plus some work I've started doing on sketching some revised alien body designs.

Full post:

Cw for mild nonsexual nudity

|| Pandanzeia Progress! ||
My current progress on script, designs & worldbuilding for the comic!

The little spaceship has swooshed past the 50% mark!

More detailed overview here:

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|| Starnaval Service Uniforms (1/2) ||
I finally got done with the SSU info sheets! :D

As usual, full post can be read on pillowfort:

The SSUs are what's worn aboard ships and for regular duties. A strong naval theme with a futuristic/scifi touch is basically what I was going for with these (bc man am I a sucker for naval uniforms)

Ponies? Ponies!

Did I just give names, designs and personalities to a bunch of ponies that will be little more than background props in my comic?

...yes, yes maybe I did.

Full post complete with individual descriptions of every pony and alien-pony here:

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