european citizens' initiative for universal basic income, :boost_ok: 

for anyone that hasn't seen this:
there's an ECI for establishing universal basic income throughout the EU
if you're eligible to sign it (are an EU citizen) i urge you to do so

Hey Europeans, there's a European citizens initiative going round right now for universal/unconditional basic income.

The deadline has just been extended to the start of May.

Be cool if you signed it!

What wellness is marketed as:
-Body lotions
-Fancy juices

What wellness ACTUALLY looks like:
-Health care coverage
-Access to therapy
-Walkable cities
-Green spaces
-Living wages
-Paid time off
-Physical activity
-Close knit communities

Another preview cause I finished Saraii's sketch today!

Now I only have one more character to sketch and then I can do the flat colors/design their color scheme!

Also I forgot to post the first sketches of these characters here so here they are.

This character batch are marine guard and astronaut sentinel teammates for Sanrowe and Mercedes, with Saraii also being their wife.

Done in a slightly chibified style.

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Since pillowfort is down I guess I'll just have to post the previews here only.

I've been slowly working my way through the portraits of the newest characters. So far none of them have ended up looking much like their first sketch, though I like how they turned out.

I'm now working on the third, Saraii, and I'm having some issues with it but gonna let it rest for a bit and come back to it later...

Anyway, I think the new paranormal stuff pack looks quite fresh and exciting and something right down my alley ^^,

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When the Snowy Escape expansion came out at the end of last year, people where similarily loosing their shit because they reused the rock wall climbing animation for the new mountain climbing feature.

which makes me wonder how these people think making games work.

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Anyway it made me remember why I've generally avoided the sims community like the plague despite having played the series since the first installment.

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in other news, I just checked my alt supposed-to-be-drama-free game news twitter account and the sims community is apparently loosing their absolute minds because.... they reused the human sim rig for bonehilda the skeleton maid.....? .______.

An update on the horse genetics simulator: I've succesfully implemented both KIT and frame overo, which took me awhile and was a total headache, but I think that accounts for most of the "special case" color traits so hopefully it's smoother sailing from now on ;n;

Anyway, on the topic of the horse breeding sim tool I actually started implementing a system for "vague" colors so that'll def be a thing!

for those who don't know; genetic linkage is when two loci are close together and their genes become linked in pairs that are always inherited together, aka why tobianos, roans and sabinos might only pass down their white pattern to black offspring and never chestnut ones.

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confession: I have not yet decided if I should attempt to simulate KIT and extension linkage in my horse breeding sim tool

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Today I briefly did a double check on the inheritance of the manchado pattern (a very rare pinto pattern!) and instead came across a blog post from the Equine Tapestry (a great horse color genetics blog I've followed for years) about how seal brown probably isn't an Agouti allele which I'd totally missed.

So anyway now I gotta change the seal brown genetics in my horse breeding tool I guess.

I have a more far-fetched idea of adding the possibility for some vagueness. Like adding more specific descriptors, like say a sunbleached black or a vague brown/black where you cant tell if its a smoky black, a seal bay or just a sunbleach-prone black.

Just gotta figure out a way to do that in practice though...

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