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Either way, my only problem was that one of the things i enjoy with horse breeding games is that little level of not knowing what genes a certain horse could carry, but obviously thats basically impossible to simulate with an arpg...

...unless, of course, you're a big fucking nerd like me who decides to go and make an entire horse breeding simulator tool

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See my very silly idea which i have absolutely no idea if i'll actually realise is to do like a solo horse arpg on the side, just a fun stress-free super-indulgent side project on my terms.

I kinda do find drawing horses very de-stressing

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On an unrelated note: yesterday or so (I think, my sleep routine is kinda messed up right now) I had the silly idea to make a little... idk what to call it, a horse color genetics/breeding simulator tool in construct 3, after I've been sorta wistfully remembering the horse browser sims and arpg's i used to play as a kid.

I've got a working prototype for random horse generation, breeding and genetic testing so its going pretty well so far

She's chasing it away anytime its near the computer and the cables so thats good at least lol

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Mouse update: still around, but since last night Nala have now discovered and she's certainly not getting much sleep now.
She's currently intermittently searching for and chasing it across the room.

OHNO I can fucking hear it climbing on the dog stairs that's currently leading up to my bed oh no

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I'm just a little concerned about my furniture, and not to mention all cables in my room

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Like i'm not afraid of mice or disgusted by them so long as they're like... out in the forest were they're supposed to be... but yuckityyuck not in my room ;n;

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well I'm not even attempting to sleep tonight because there's a mouse running around in my room and I forgot to remind my parents to set up a trap before they went to bed

(also don't tell anyone, but I mayyy have brainstormed/created 4 additional characters i the last couple of weeks. no pics yet tho)

Also, not new characters, but B'toma and T'Kiv got overhauled portraits (especially for B'toma) and have also been upgraded to main cast status, meaning they're the only male characters there. They're like, honorary lesbians lol.

1st pic is B'toma, the surgeon, and 2nd pic is T'Kiv, the head nurse! They're husband & metamour of the ship's CMO.

And last but not least the bearded cat aliens now comes in viking flavor!

Dr. Vaiki "Vai" Kalla is an archaeologist, amateur heavylifter and has a bad habit of falling for older women...

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Third is Dr. "Tin" Tin'acri'lla, a young euchrerachi princess and enthusiastic planetologist.

She likes rocks and planets and pink, and is also Dr. Priyashmi's (the fleet admiral's science officer) biggest fan.

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Next is Dr. Philippa E. Bachmann the salt-and-pepper veterinarian c:

(the E is for Esther)

she's a kinda brusque woman who prefers the company of animals over people. She also has an old maine coon named Mr. Sawbones (no drawings of him yet).

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Let's start with the first one: Lieutenant Mercedes Luna the Sentinel Operative!

That's a new corps thing I created that are basically cool space agents.

Anyway Mercy is the youngest wife of the Fleet Admiral's guard captain and is the head sentinel officer of the SNCOM (fleety's staff).

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Anyway I guess I'll have to start with introducing everyone to the four new characters I created and drew this year.

yeah I know I know I have so many characters lmao but I just can't help it it's too fun creating new ones xD

hello again mastodon! Idk if anyone missed me but after a year of ultra-depression and getting stuck scrolling twitter all day I wondered what the hell was I doing and realised I missed the nice elephant site.

so anyway i deleted twitter from my phone and i'm gonna try to spend my time here and on pillowfort instead again ;n;

and, although this new blog of mine is currently mostly sims 4, I can pretty much guarantee it's gonna be like 90% Planet Zoo as soon as I get my hands on it lol

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I'm super-geeking out over Planet Zoo btw!!

zoo tycoon 2 was my life as a kid lmao

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