It's my birthday today so here's the song of the day I guess

Always end up forgetting about this site, lol oops

"my friend passed out, be sensible and meet our passed out friend"

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My friends passed out and I'm waking them up to love a cat and declare their love fo her

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In 1969 someone travelled from across Australia with 55 cats in a tiny car so they could spend time with their husband for Christmas, amazing

mental health 

I'm so scared of everything going back to when I was really depressed. And everything is just coming crashing down, and I realise that nobody cares in the slightest. And that I'm so weak and pathetic lol

Reached out to people for help for the first time like,,,ever. And one person was just like "I told you so" and the other person told me I should just get over myself because my issue doesn't really matter and people have it worse. Wow I'm cured now, thanks guys. I feel so much better

Crying while Irish drinking songs are playing but not crying TO Irish drinking songs I swear

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@EmmaCampbell first is Sloane, second is Shamus, and this little guy is Stewart

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