Anthony Scaramucci: Trump is 'a traitor to the United States' - Fox News

"The American president is a traitor to the United States. He is literally the most un-American president that we've had, probably since Andrew Johnson.”

Journalist says a CBP officer withheld his passport until he agreed he writes ‘propaganda’ - The Washington Post

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Just amazing how passive and permissive we are here of Trump I’m all levels...while brave teens fight CCP soldiers in the streets, and everyone puts up with censorship by Trump’s pal Jack Ass

Am returning to Mastodon for good. Just criticized Trump on Twitter and was instantaneously prevented from continuing. Twitter is Trump’s censor!! It is a tool of our growing Fascist govt, while people regularly post Twitter’s responses to them that his tweets are totally fine with their terms.

All of these startups are so fascist. Here’s what Nextdoor found too offensive for their “community standards.” WARNING: CONTAINS SARCASTIC POLITICAL HUMOR

Personally, I think the best candidate really would be Georgia's Stacey Abrams, but she doesn't want to run. She is willing to be of service as VP for whomever Dem candidate is in the end. Warren is the next best choice. The old White guy model is passe, regardless of ideology.

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Bernie's campaign and his supporters have had the unintended effect of turning the country fascist, with, of course, the assistance of the neo-liberal DNC, who stuck us with an unpopular, corporate-frriendly one. Also, I don't like Bernie's didactic, sectarian, male-dominated style and leadership. I prefer Warren insofar as progressive policies are concerned. She doesn't remind me of a misogynist labor guy, of which the labor movement is full of 'em.

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Had he or his supporters really waged a real write-in campaign, rather than one that was merely rumored and buzzed about, and with many individuals pledging they would write him in, but without any leadership, I have to say, it could have been successful. Instead, they stuck us with Trump, and they're gonna do it again.

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And, unfortunately, I have a feeling that Bernie fans are going to stick us with Trump again in 2020, because it is looking like Bernie is not going to get it again. And of course, regardless of what he says publicly, Bernie was behind it. His public statements of support for the DNC candidate were not sincere, and of course he knew that his fans were writing him in instead.

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@docbray Is there any plan to include auto-translation or a link for such, like Twitter?

Sad to say, these judges that have been installed in droves by Putin's Puppet and Moscow Mitch are because of the Bernie campaign. I had a number of friends who were cult-followers of Bernie, and all over social media, they were saying they were going to write Bernie in, despite the loss at the convention, but without any actual leadership - just the buzz that they were simply not going to vote for Hillary because of the deception by the DNC, and also because that's the Bernie bro cult.

“I really want the world to know that although we are seeing a lot of violence from all sides at this moment, this really started out as a largely peaceful protest in June,” she said.

“We tried all sorts of ways to get our voices heard, to get to the government. But they only responded with teargas, more teargas, rubber bullets, sponge bullets, police brutality.”

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“What will happen during this month, nobody will really answer this question,” she said. “What we can really do in this moment is become more united in this fight and become really strategic in the face of this huge machine that is the [Chinese] communist government.”

She said six young people had killed themselves “because of despair” during the protest period.

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“The police have really been completely out of hand, and so Hong Kong people are furious,” Ho said.

Ho said she expected the crisis to escalate in the lead-up to celebrations on 1 October to mark the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

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In 2014 she was arrested for taking part in the “umbrella movement” for universal suffrage in Hong Kong. As a result she was blacklisted in mainland China, where she had a growing audience, and was dropped from major sponsorship deals and by her record label. She responded by starting her own label, and by intensifying her political activism.

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Before she was an activist, Ho was a singer. She launched her music career in the 1990s when she won a singing competition run by a TV station, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that she broke through into the mainstream. She began to identify publicly as a lesbian in 2012 – the first person in Cantopop to come out – and became an advocate for LGBT+ rights.

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