Artemis with new EndeavourOS ARM install
Image by Rockwallaby

Just like NASA's Artemis mission will be to go back to the moon and also lay the foundation for the future (Mars) missions, EndeavourOS' Artemis release is laying the foundation for the future of EndeavourOS ARM.

Artemis is the first release that ships with an integrated feature to install the first stage of a two-step installatio

The main website and the ARM website will be offline, due to maintenance. Discovery and the forum are still available.

A refreshed EndeavourOS ARM install script and a renewed Mac M1 script have arrived.
In the wake of our Apollo release for x86-64 systems, we proudly present our refreshed EndeavourOS ARM automated installation script.

The improvements of this script are focused on the Raspberry PI 4 64-bit since upstream development for this platform is very active. The E

Our new ARM install script is here with a 64-bit option for the Raspberry Pi 4b
With the help from the community, especially our community members Shjim and Luis Lucas (Lxnauta), our main ARM developer Pudge was able to realise a very exciting update to our ARM install script.

It was a request that was high on the list of our ARM users and now we are proud to

Happy 2022!
We wish you a year full of strength, love and good health with all the endeavours 2022 has in store for you.

Install EndeavourOS on a Mac M1 using Parallel desktop
Since the introduction of Apple's M1 hardware, the Linux community efforts to run Linux on it have been in full swing. We also wondered how EndeavourOS would run on them. Although this tutorial isn't for running EndeavourOS native on M1 hardware but on Parallel desktops, we still are delighted to share this tutorial with you. Just se

Raspberry Pi update
It has been a long time since we gave you a news update on EndeavourOS ARM, but we are going to update you more frequently from now on. Here's our first news update.

There have been a couple of improvements for the Raspberry Pi 4b and Raspberry Pi 400.

The first step in installing EndeavourOS Arm is to install an Archlinux Arm base install. The Image-install script has been expanded to include Ra

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