The forum is back online, a very big shoutout to Jonathon who played a key part in bringing it back online.

The forum is down due to a technical error. We are working to get it up asap.

Artemis with new EndeavourOS ARM install
Image by Rockwallaby

Just like NASA's Artemis mission will be to go back to the moon and also lay the foundation for the future (Mars) missions, EndeavourOS' Artemis release is laying the foundation for the future of EndeavourOS ARM.

Artemis is the first release that ships with an integrated feature to install the first stage of a two-step installatio

Latest release and download
We're proud to present you


Wallpaper by Rockwallaby

To make use of the new install method for Odroid N2/N2+ and Raspberry PI you can download the Artemis ISO over here, to start the first of our renewed and easy-to-use two-step installation method.

Step one

Just fire up the ISO on an x86_64 machine, stick in an SD card or connect an SSD designated for your ARM dev

The main website and the ARM website will be offline, due to maintenance. Discovery and the forum are still available.

@Scarlet Hi, not that we're aware of. The new user always will be created with a "blank slate".

@mrtogatsu There can be times the updates follow hourly, but then again, that keeps it exciting!😉 Just don't update 10 minutes before an important presentation, though... 😜

Due to an issue at our server provider, our forum and websites have a slower loading time or aren't reachable from time to time. Our apologies for this.

A refreshed EndeavourOS ARM install script and a renewed Mac M1 script have arrived.
In the wake of our Apollo release for x86-64 systems, we proudly present our refreshed EndeavourOS ARM automated installation script.

The improvements of this script are focused on the Raspberry PI 4 64-bit since upstream development for this platform is very active. The E

Our forum has some technical difficulties, we're working on it to get it back online.

The EndeavourOS website will go down due to maintenance, it will be back as soon as possible.

The forum is down due to a technical issue, I'm working on the fix (Bryanpwo)

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