It's always interesting how Mainstream media presents protests

So when i see Bbc, guardian etc. Reporting on the positive nature of the Belarus protests it all sounded a bit colour revolution to me like the Nazis in Ukraine and the nationalists in Hong kong violently beating mainlanders and spewing racism to mainland chinese

And with Belarus

The inscription in the underpass.

"А на дрэвах замест лісця будуць вісець камуністы" - Communists will hang on the trees instead of leaves.

The opposition of the social fascists in Belarus is held with this flag

It first appeared when occupied by German troops in 1918 in the all capitalist invasion of Russia to overthrow the Bolsheviks

It appear again under occupation of the Nazis in Ww2

Under this flag these scum murdered their jewish neighbours, sent people as slave labour to Germany, fought against partisans and burned entire villages alongside the Nazis

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The third time this flag appeared was in 1991-1995 when the nationalists destroyed the Soviet Union

In 1995 it was replaced with a modified soviet symbol

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With Belarus in Western mainstream media who will no doubt present nazis in Belarus as they did in Ukraine:

who wore Stepan Bandera(nazi SS collaborator who murdered thousands of jews in Ukraine) scarfs as 'normal people seeking justice, democracy and whatever other liberal bullshit'

Know that if they're flying the White red white flag....Before you stands a nazi

Also i noticed that they actually have Setpan Bandera on their banner

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Nazi fucks in Belarussia 

Polish MPs wave the white red white flag

Having outlawed communism in a totally non-authoritarian way Poland now feels the need to back Belarussian fascism

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Nazi fucks in Belarussia 

Employees of the Philharmonic sang on the steps of the building the song of Магутны Божа (Mighty God). In their hands they held letters that formed the phrase "my voice was stolen".

"Магутны Божа" (Mighty God), author's title - "Prayer" - a poem written in 1943 by Natallia Arsiennieva.

Natallia Arsiennieva is the wife of the chief Belarusian Nazi collaborator Franz Kushel.

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Nazi fucks in Belarussia 

Obamas national deputy security advisor makes it quite apparent who is behind Belarus protests

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Nazi fucks in Belarussia 

As usual MoonOfALabama provides the most lucid illumination of what is going on in Belarus

Combination of:

Lukhashenko wouldn't allow neither the Russian bourgeois or Western booj in Belarus

West financed Nazis in Belarus (as per usual) combined with the upper rich class who saw their fortunes in Western markets

West saw an opprtunity to capture Belarus and march up to Russian border

Lukhashenko has killed this by signing Union with Russia

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Neonazis in Belarus and anarchists supporting the protests 

As showed earlier in this thread the White red white flag is a fascist flag with heavy neonazi connotations

The protestors are now chanting for a CIA front

Anarchists are supporting the protests because why not

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Fascists and gullible youth in Belarus 

Communist Party of Belarus

The subversive work is carried out by specially trained instigators: from outright fascists to inveterate criminals.
their dastardly undertakings, as usual, are carried out by the hands of gullible youth
Such "protests" are not new in the post-Soviet countries. The foreign "puppeteers" aim to carry out a coup d'etat now in Belarus. It is clear that if they win, the country will face bloody chaos and landslide degradation

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PRCF (french communist party) comes out against Fascist protests in Belarus 


August 16, 2020 minsk place de l'Independace

the appeal of the Belarusian Communist Party

Several tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered to reject the coup d'etat spurred on by the imperialist axis USA EU

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Very normal BBC interview a Polish neonazi for the situation in Belarus

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I was notified by an anarchist today that the White Red White flag is not a symbol of Belarussian nationalism but merely a throw back to 14th Century middle ages and it was the only other flag available because "Lukhashenko invented the other" when in actuality the current Belarussian flag was put to a referenda

Here is Alexy Levkin at a far right march:

prominent far right fighter for the nazi Azov Battallion in Ukraine marching alongside his fellow Belarussian brethren

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The Ron Paul Institute on Belarus in 2015:

"Lukashenko has been a favorite punching bag of the US and western neocons for a number of years because he has not shown the required level of deference to his would-be western overlords compared to, say, the Baltics. He routinely wins re-election even as the US government has funneled millions of dollars into the political opposition in hopes of somehow fomenting a regime change."

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Belarus protests / reddit CIA astro turfing 

Anarchists ended up on the side of the Libyan then Syria then Ukrainian then Hong Kong then Rojava and now Belarussian protests

3 pictures tell 10,000 words

At some point they're gonna have to start asking why their foreign policy aligns so continuously with the US state dept and local Neonazis

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Belarus protests / stratfor, neocon think tank 

Stratfors opinion on Belarus

Neocon think tank that strategises for US to keep the boot stamping on the rest of humanity

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Belarus protests / anarchist take on the WRW flag 

Anarchists online: communists are red fash tankies

Anarchists on Nazi collaborators: well the Soviets updated the Belarus script from Latin to Cyrillic so they were horribly oppressed which is why collaborating with the nazis was OK

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@EnglishRed is the one with the cross the same as the one that is white red white?

@thufie It is trying to combine 3 symbols of fascism (the 3rd being the War ensign of Nazi Germany a lot of fascist flags have)

* The Red white red flag

* The Pagonya emblem

* The War ensign of Germany

Attaching the original War ensign of Nazi Germany as well as a South American fascist flag incorporating the ensign

@EnglishRed It is not even a Belarussian medieval flag, but a Polish medieval flag. I have a hard time understanding how people view it as a legitimate symbol of Belarussian nationalism when Belarussians were progressively marginalized as an ethnic minority under Polish rule after the Polish-Lithuanian union. My family is from Western Belarus and my grandmother could not attend a Belarussian language school until liberation by the Soviets; Belarussian was not recognized as an official language.

@vsedach ive seen many people make the same arguements the nationalists do when pointing out it was a nazi collaborator flag held by sieg heiling fascists who murdered their jewish neighbours

The WRW flag first came into contemporary use in 1918 under German occupation of Belarussia by the nationalists (Belarussian Democratic Republic) that sided with White guard russians and monarchists

@EnglishRed I meant that the flag is literally a variation on the banners used by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. "Poland annexed parts of Belarussia, Lithuania and Ukraine in 1920" also not entirely true. There was no such country as "Belarus" until the Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922. Before that it was just a part of Duchy of Lithuania and later Poland.

@vsedach thats interesting

Are you Belarussian and are you in Belarus right now?

Do you know think the nazi collaboration under this flag taints it?

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@vsedach Poland annexed parts of Belarussia, Lithuania and Ukraine in 1920

Then Poland subjected those areas to Polandisation of language suppression and apartheid

until Ussr took that land back in 1941 and gave them back their languages and gave the land back to each republic

If youd like to source your comment on Ussr suppressing the Belarussian language id be interested as it goes against everything ive read

@vsedach sorry i see youre saying Poland suppressed the Belarussian language

I think its because people keep sieg heiling in front of the WRW flag

@EnglishRed Please read what people from Belarus say about this flag:
It is an interview with Pramen, reposted by them at

This flag is used because the only other flag was created by Lukashenko himself. People using white-red-while flag are not using it because they support nazis, it is the flag of independent Belarus.

Flag of Russia has similar history, it was used by nazi collaborationists too:

@wire hey interesting article and im always open to being corrected!!

However i did laugh at this article:

the author of this article merely parrots the exact same viewpoint as other far right and white supremascist movements do when accused of using fascist symbol mostly mined from the middle ages:

From crusade era flags to viking runic symbols the fascists have developed a million ways to dog whistle and then pretend its associated with "14th century symbols"

@EnglishRed I was mostly referring to
> People who use the WRW flag today are often not even aware of these historical events. The WRW flag is a national flag that has been used throughout history during various times of oppression by many revolutionaries and has nothing to do with the German Nazis in the mind of Belarusian people.

The main point is that people use this in opposition to the flag created by Lukashenko, simply as a flag that was used before he changed it.

@EnglishRed Sure I would love if people used a black or red flag to represent themselves when opposing the government, but it can't happen. When choosing between old national flag and Lukashenko's flag, the choice is obvious.

@wire Tell me, please dear anarchist, why they must pick the flag of German collaboration(1918) then Nazi collaboration (Ww2)?

There are a million other symbols they could've used - why that one?

Is it, perchance, because the movement represents nationalism and reaction?

You state Lukhashenko "created the flag" - the flag was put to referenda in 1995 with a small modification to in 2012

The modification is minor though it does throw back to soviet era for people nostalgic for that period

@EnglishRed The flag was used from 1991 to 1995 officially. Protesters use the flag similarly to how Russian opposition uses official Russian flag 🇷🇺 during protests, or how Armenian protesters were using 🇦🇲 in 2018. They just can't use 🇧🇾 because it was used since 1995, while Lukashenko was a president since 1994 already.

Sure the whole tradition of using national flags by opposition movements is associated with color revolutions, but the story behind WRW flag is no deeper than that.

@EnglishRed Russian flag 🇷🇺 was also used by german nazi collaborationists, but I doubt many people are aware of it.

@wire No the Russian Liberation Movement (nazi collaborators) had the St Andrews flag as their flag and although the white blue red flag was used by collaborators the main flag was the St andrews flag

Further developing this point though....The Russian state that arose out of the ashes of the Soviet Union can hardly be called progressive

it is deeply nationalistic and the church was re-invited into the State as a main supporting pillar

So even your point proves mine

@EnglishRed What I am saying is that protesters in Belarus are just unaware of the history of the flag as Russian people are unaware of their flag history. And they use it only because they oppose Lukashenko and the state he has built, amending the constitution several times and growing police power larger than in any other european country to protect him now. It is completely different from Ukraine, where nazis were a major force in the protests.

@wire I mean then we have to agree to disagree

I guess you have to be wilfully blind to see the nationalistic, chauvinistic and fascistic character of the Belarus protests

Starting with the opposition leader fleeing to Lithuania: an openly nationalistic country that outlawed communism which celebrates its nazi collaborators with marches each year and never met a NATO bombing campaign it didnt like

@EnglishRed Sure it's likely we'll see people coming to power in Belarus being nationalists, supporting liberal reforms and all this stuff: but I can't draw these conclusions from the flag used in protests or Tikhanovskaya (who was not supposed to be a leader in the first place, and was not leading the protests for a few days which is large on the current timescale) fleeing to Lithuania. For me it is more chaotic than this, the outcome is not predictable from my point of view.

@wire Let me just end with saying

It is beyond ridiculous to say the WRW flag is free of the connotations of an event that literally defined most current day national identities

Sure a lot of ppl might not be aware but they represent forces of reaction and the leaders that are handing these out certainly know what they represent

Secondly, it's only chaotic if you've never seriously studied all the colour revolutions of the past starting with Hungary 1956 (rebels trained by MI), to Ukraine

@wire And lastly again

The outcome is entirely predictable

The outcome (if the opposition wins) will be outright fascists in parliament like Ukraine which will devolve into civil war as a proxy battle ground between NATO and Russia

If opposition wins they have a Ukrainian/Syrian style civil war to look forward to

@EnglishRed The referendum was not just about the flag:

With this referendum Lukashenko also changed the constitution to increase his power and decrease the power of parliament. Opposition demands return to the original constitution, because during his rule Lukashenko changed the constitution in his favour multiple times:

@EnglishRed And even Lukashenko himself said recently that he will only leave his post after changing the constitution once again to reduce the power of president: because he can't grant such power to the president that will come after him.

@wire Again I really don't care what amendments Lukashenko is making or the minutae of Belarussia bourgeois dictatorship of capital

The fact remains Lukashenko represents the bourgeois class of Belarus who are nostalgic for the Soviet era - which is why they have many holdovers from Soviet society

He acted as a middle man playing West of Russia

The character of the protests is nationalistic borderlining on fascistic of the Ukrainian variety

Opposition win will see open nazis in power

@wire I'll be honest, who cares

When analysing the situation as it exists today we are analysing the forces and classes moving
through history to come up with a coherent stance on the character of the protests

I don't particularly care about the minutae of Lukhashenkos rule - I would support a communist party leveraging what power they can until they could oust him and create a dictatorship of the proletariat

The question now is what does Lukhashenko represent right now?

Symbols are not merely picked up by movements willy nilly in a fit of randomness

The WRW flag has heavy connotations which lean from Nationalism to outright nazi collaboration from its inception creation in 1918 by the Natioanlists collaborating with Germany (and yes they dug into their middle ages past to pluck this out because that's what all nationalists do)

That is not an accident

It is not an accident nazis march under this flag

Here's ukraine nazi Alexy Levkin marching under WRW

@wire its modern useage is clearly not a throw back to the 14th century but a nationalist and neoloberal colour revolution funded by the West to ultimately push Nato to Russias borders and use Belarus for cheap labour for the EU:

Like they did to Ex soviet states and Yugoslavia

Its why the white red white flag is flown in Ukraine alongside the Ukrainian flag with the SS symbol which is the Azov battalion (ukrainian nazis unit)

@EnglishRed Sure "liberals" and "west" have their interest in these events, and they will try to direct the flow in their favour, but people are not that dumb. They are not asking for EU integration or getting out of customs unions. Workers on strike demand release of prisoners and fair election, because they see for themselves that people were tortured by the police and that their votes were thrown away.

@wire lastly saying the white red white flag is free from the connotations of the last century, of which it colluded with the proto fascists (1918) then actual fascists (ww2)

Is beyond ridiculous

It would be like a racist in England at a nationalist rally waving an English flag and claiming its "just the St George cross" or perhaps a better analogy a racist in America waving the Southern flag and claiming he just cares about States rights

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