@Gargron I have both screen names but I'd love to move all my content and followers and who I'm following over to the @sethgoldstein instance

If you have #ruby friends who aren't on Mastodon yet, send them this link to encourage them to join ruby.social: twitter.com/joshuap/status/103

Are there any instances for or ? Would love to get involved in other communities that swap recipes and share travel experiences.

@SchneidRemarks you weren't joking is full of sex workers. When you find people who are normal lol Let me know.!

I wanted to follow everyone in the hashtag but all city hashtags are mostly sex worker ads and I am at work right now, so uhhhh.... philly people add me?


weird article on the front page of esquire about twitter vs that doesn’t understand even the basic premise of the and misses out entirely on the nature of why lots of small self hosted nodes are stronger then one centralized capitalist blob but alas you have to start somewhere. I have a feeling we are gonna get another wave soon. also a little shoutout to in there.


Moments after taking this photo, this royal coordination failure of a cat got stuck in the sheet, did a flip, slammed herself into the side of the bed, wriggled like the twist was the hottest dance in town and attempted to run away still attached to the blanket then skulked off in embarrassment.

So, my regular Monday morning.

I still think there should be a mastodon instance that federates on a delay equal to the light distance from earth to mars, so it is as if that instance is transmitting from the red planet

I wish Softalicious would have a 1 click install for Mastodon. Oh well.

The fact that we can't get out of office with the amount of shit flying his way is so strange to me. 🤔

Where do you find the list option? I want to start making a list of people to keep tabs on, on here.

Trying to figure out how to get people involved with more.

So Manafort is guilty of 8 felonies. Maybe now he'll start talking. Cohen did something smart by pleading guilty and working with the SC.

Love how I get a new doctor and then he decides to leave the practice. Ugh. Now on to the other doctor in the practice. Oh well. That's life.

I wish there was a way to change my handle on here without opening a whole other account again.

I hate this but I want to use my real name now as my handle and can't change it retroactively

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