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Also thought about it...

I did buy kern.social a few days ago, but I may not actually host my own Misskey and/or Matrix instance there.
The more I think about it the more it doesn't really make "too" much sense... First of all I introduce just a few other things I have to keep in mind and up-to-date from time to time, and on top I have to also make sure everything is properly backed up and running constantly for Federation to properly work... something I'm not really up to the task for.
Yes I wouldn't have to care to "follow other's rules" but why would that even be a point then, I'm not going to post weird stuff to begin with anyways
🙃 And my main social media is Twitter & Discord anyways, and if those are gone I don't really have any drive to be around or post my things much anymore anyways since not a lot of people would see it.

So yeah... still not sure what to do.

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tfw Twitter is having issues right now and I just go to Misskey cause it's better anyways #TwitterDown

Also love the design a bit more, tho the Toot button being at the very top right is a bit annoying...

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Giving the official Mastodon Client for iOS a try now. Mast wasn't bad but lacked a few features and was also really slow at updating my timeline, hope this one fixes all that.

Why does the iOS Mast app take so long to load my timeline here all the time...

My feed isn't loading in the Mast iOS app 🙃

Still not sure if I should set up my own Mastodon Instance or just keep using this here still.

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Really giving up on Twitter by this point.
Already found 5 of my other, old accounts suspended there without any reason. Completely harmless accounts that only had one thing in common: Not being active in over 5 years...

Nice move Twitter. I can only wish for that platform to die and shoot themselves in the foot sooner or later honestly. The BS I had to deal with these last few weeks is simply not okay anymore...

Really wish Mastodon will gain traction soon and become a worthy opponent.

Officially found the worst Spotify song in existent... 🙃🙃🙃

I love Twitter suspensions for false DMCA claims...

Seems like Twitter shadowbanned my "EpicLPer" account and fully suspended other accounts of mine. I can't even unsuspend or deactivate them since "You're not allowed to do this action while suspended"... top...

I'll be using Mastodon in case Twitter bans me fully.

Twitter these days is just WAY too big... way too many people on there. If I compare it to Mastodon which has a lot less active people and also bots it's a lot nicer here. Even the Global Timelines are clean so far. Wish there wouldn't be so many bad actors everywhere...

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