I just downloaded GON which is supposed to be the Mastodon app, but I'm unable to log in. Is anyone else having that difficulty?

@slipstream It says, "Uh oh, something went wrong!" I tried to log in with my email and it gave me that error, and again when I used the Mastodon @.

@EricaSchultz can I see a screenshot? It'll help me to see what you could be doing wrong :)

@slipstream Sorry, had to email it to myself from my phone. I'm on my laptop. I tried my username and the screen went back to my home screen on my iPhone.

@EricaSchultz ok, try a different app, i gave you the list in a previous toot :)

@EricaSchultz Gon didn’t work for me either; I was told to get Amaroq. So far so good.

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