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The spouse recommended I join in order to connect with people who want to make the world a better place for all of us, so here I am.

"This cross-sectional analysis of a national sample of Medicare claims data found that chronic use of prescription opioid drugs was correlated with support for the Republican candidate in the 2016 US presidential election"

Wonder what differences and overlaps there are between opioid-addicted peddlers of right wing conspiracy theories and the people who consume them? Fascinating.

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Steve Bannon springs to mind, which is never a happy event.

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Now wondering if there's been research to determine whether the opioid crisis in the US has any bearing on the Republican cult

Wondering how long the livestock industry can keep going, and how governments will help the few remaining small farmers (70%ish is done by huge corporations) to transition. The 's campaign's been pushing for that support for years.

Just a useful little article from the OED's blog on the established use of the singular they over the past 600 years

"attempts to implement meritocracy leads to just the kinds of inequalities that it aims to eliminate... part of its draw is that it justifies the status quo"

Good chewy stuff.

Just to balance out my Toots Of Wrath & Doom, a round up of things that went well last week from the lovely people at

Is there anything more antithetical to the Christ in Christmas than spending mad money? Perhaps risking people's lives during a pandemic so you can have leftovers for a month?

Honestly, I do wish the people who make a big deal out of Jesus would bother to reflect on the teachings attributed to him. /rant

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The moral of Lord of the Rings is that giant eagles are selfish pricks who would rather let the world burn than fly a hobbit to Mordor. Lazy PoS eagles

What is UP with right-wing UK MPs and US politicians and their determination to share Covid amongst their mates?

Thank goodness our government's so much saner than the US's... oh. Wait...

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Did a family quiz online. Took care ensuring our round's SF&F questions ranged from difficult for most people to mainstream pop culture, and were informed it was the hardest round. Coming to the realisation that we may be slightly nerdier than either of us realised...

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