This mastodon thing is great and all but whither the 50-person shitpost threads?

If you own a Tizen powered hardware (Samsung), consider removing it from the Internet and your network. It’s incredibly insecure:

E2E is only as trustworthy as the endpoints:

Undercover NYPD infiltrated small groups of Black Lives Matter activists and gained access to their text messages, according to newly released documents obtained by the Guardian. ...

...Undercover officers were able to pose as protesters even within small groups, giving them extensive access to details about protesters’ whereabouts and plans.

It's nice that this service has a separate timeline just for the feds.

Guide to new Mastodon users: the furries control the east block, the French control the exercise yard, and the infosec people and gamerdevs have forged an alliance


4) Why is the authorized apps page, and only the authorized apps page, suddenly in French?

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Ok, now that I've got your attention:
1) How long until Twitter or Tweetdeck sues Mastodon for trade dress violations?

2) Can this platform do lists/groups?

3) Is there a benefit to three-pointed lists or is that just a litigator's superstition?

whoops. you can't un-favorite something.


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