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if you want me to follow back you'll have to impress me with your feats

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shit pop this is cum stain zero one niner approaching for a landing

boys dont get compliments and that sucks and thats why i call them all "sugartits" whenever i can

finally letting go of trying to get into The Smiths. no men around for me to impress

CUM FOR THE CUM GOD is this a thing, if this weren't a thing would you tell me

going feral lusting after a domestic cottagecore fantasy. ready to throw bricks through glass to get a homestead and a dime piece

ready player two includes an entire page about the main character's long, calm, fetishistic reaction to his girlfriend being trans and reading it seriously made me want to vomit

This is the worst trans day of remembrance. All we can do is hold on to each other in whatever way we can. I love you all with my whole heart

hahaa thanks eugen, great post. now on to the next toot,

that means you haven't known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football

i dont want you all thinking im unfunny just becuase im not posting. what you think of me is my motivation to live

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i have a joke thats really problematic and i wont be posting. but it is also very funny

thinking about creating a Shocktober-type thing but instead of listening to Shock Jocks we listen to prepper podcasts and blogs where they talk like this

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i'm going to survive the climate apocalypse by living off the fat reserves in my Massive Femboy Ass

taking the entire bottle of blackpills at once as a suppository

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