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It's been a while, but I finally finished another analysis.
Thanks to I got to play Vampyr, a AA game that's a bit bloody, but has some really neat ideas in how to make play vampires.

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Also... Pls give me money.
They're are people who deserve it more, but it's not like I don't need it as well, and without it I feel trapped.$aspel

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I'm seeing someone arguing that a big account is misrepresenting Judaism and I'm reminded of a story about rabbis arguing and then God says "you're wrong" and the rabbi says "well that's just the two of you, I'm still right" or something.
And that's a very relatable story.

RT Peak trans is Zinnia Jones blocking you


I feel like maybe I shouldn't get too fancy for my first attempt.

Also I have no idea how to work this program and I swear this isn't even the layout it had the first time I opened it.

Anyway, I'm going to just go back to working on this video essay I should have finished three weeks ago.

I'm not really sure how often to change the scene to highlight something, like when I mention mechanics or characters, but I also don't just want to show straight gameplay

By the way, to the people who tell me there's nothing exclusionary about the joke, and that they don't mean it like that?
Here's someone demonstrating exactly the attitude I'm talking about.

"Trans women DESERVE to take up space, and push everyone else to the margins".

And for the record, I'm far from the only one she's been screenshotting after namesearching and blocking. Take care not to say her name, lest you to get quote tweeted to her followers with the implicit goal being to dogpile you.

Yeah, let's all "stop criticizing toxic and exclusionary big name trans women and focus on the Nazis and TERFs instead!" and just ignore when they act like the Nazis and TERFs.

Ongoing unacceptable behavior like [checks notes] pointing out that her joke was bad, and occassionally mentioning that she acts like a spiteful child.

I didn't even focus the bulk of my criticism on her. Grow the fuck up, Zinnia. Stop being an abusive shit. I gotta lock now.

Totally acceptable behavior from one of our community's biggest voices that I never actually interact with to admit she wants me dogpiled (and also misgender me, but hey, at least she went with she instead of he).

I try to avoid going to to MaRo's blog because every so often he answers questions like this, and it's like...

Yeah, that's the point. Maybe have more collaboration between the set design and the writer of the set's plot.
But the book is just marketing anyway.



I’ve got a butt load of conventions over the next six weeks so here’s my new load-of-butt con print!

And our sale at continues! Make sure you swing by the site to pick up an original art piece to treasure!


Watching a video essay about a Scorcese film I never heard of where Andrew Garfield plays a Jesuit missionary to Japan during the Christian repression and all I can focus on is how good his hair is.

They got some great conditioner in Edo period Japan.

Nothing is more disappointing than finding a new trans leftist Youtuber and Subscribing and going to follow them, only to see them tagging some of the more annoying major Breadtubers.

I did not need a chocolate fondue rice Krispies treat.
I definitely didn't need ten of them.

Eating dinner with the family for my mom's birthday.

When I get back, I really need to do some work on that video essay.

He gave me some bullshit about how he was forced to join a union half a century ago and the dues were more than his raise so Unions are bad.

He claims Unions are all just greedy and do things for money and don't actually cover striking worker's needs.

He's such a fucking boomer

My dad is trying to convince me that Unions are bad and useless and that anyone who works at McDonald's to support a family is just stupid and that jobs are plentiful and unemployment is low and that the gig economy is just supplementary.

Triss also tells the Witchers not to use any potions or elixirs that effect her hormones, or even her adipose, saying that Ciri will be resentful if she grows up without a rack because of that.
(Followed of course by everyone staring at Triss' tits, which is a funny beat)

It's a funny scene for the grizzled warrior warlocks to get embarrassed and feel dumb, but some of that scene does come off as very "male writer".
I mean, obviously I'm not an expert, but I don't think periods are completely debilitating.

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