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It's been a while, but I finally finished another analysis.
Thanks to I got to play Vampyr, a AA game that's a bit bloody, but has some really neat ideas in how to make play vampires.

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Also... Pls give me money.
They're are people who deserve it more, but it's not like I don't need it as well, and without it I feel trapped.$aspel

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65 million years ago a single income family could afford a home.

I'm so bored.
I need something to do. I could go to sleep, but I'll just be bored when I wake up.

"I'm so tired, I guess I should give in and take a nap before the fireworks begin"
The Fireworks: [Begin]

This is so annoying.
"Prove the drastically different history of these countries is drastically different".

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I really hate Reddit.

America isn't like Europe. "Everyone does conquest" is not applicable here.

It's all just "here's a spooky monster with a name and a video game attack pattern summary".
There isn't really even anything *done* with the video game comparisons.

It's so much scarier without them.

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I'm watching The Backrooms videos from the SCP Explained people because it was the first thing I saw that was vaguely interesting and I needed something to watch on my phone while doing laundry

It's so bad. It's SCP stuff without... heart?
Maybe in five years it'll be good?

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The Backrooms is so funny because it's like "this is definitely not SCP!" and then they take a neat idea and fill it with SCP rip off ideas.

I made a barbell out of a broom and FOUR gallons of water in milk jugs, but my roommate just went to exercise and one of the jugs' handle broke right off.

"We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn" says great granddaughter of Abigail Williams.

Shame she found an "out" to the conversation by accusing me of misogyny for calling a trans man a man. I was having fun. I was hoping she'd reply and I could reveal that I tricked her.

There's no such thing as an anti-war movie.

If a movie was truly anti-war, you would not be able to enjoy it. The audience would not want to watch it.

No matter how bad you make the police, if they are the protagonists, that lens informs the audience, and the writers.

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It could even be argued to be even *more* aspirational if the system itself is bad and the "good cops" are working against it fruitlessly. That creates the narrative that there are good cops, that they are somehow in the right and doing a noble thing.

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You cannot have protagonist cops and also have a series that is unequivocally anti-cop.
Protagonists are a focusing lens for a work. If those police view their profession as in some way beneficial, so will the audience.

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I will admit, I have not seen The Wire. I have seen a few video essays about it, including SkipIntro's wonderful Copaganda series episode on it.
But it is still copaganda, no matter how much it highlights the abuses and flaws of the police.

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I don't know, maybe Rebecca is suggesting Blackkklansman because she's racist or something, but there's this notion people have that if something is criticized a work can't also still serve as propaganda in favour of that thing.

Is there any phrase more annoying than "I think you won [internet/site]"?
Sometimes it's "you won twitter for the day". Oh, are there contests?

Sorry, it was actually abortions. Instead of just paraphrasing from memory, I tracked down the thread, which is primarily about trans bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom, but still relevant:

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I want to come back to this one (and a few others) several hours later because of the implication that the patriarchy loves reproductive freedom.
Did you know that doctors who performed hysterectomies on desirable patients could be charged with "maiming"?

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