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Assassin's Screed is up now on Medium or Patreon for preference.
If I knew what I was doing it could be tighter, but I don't.
If you make it to thru this mess, pls support me

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I hate that Paypal shows my deadname, but I'm putting together a Tip Jar for collecting birthday money
There's also an Amazon wishlist.
Like the Amazon list says, "I just want stuff".

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I found my Android controller on the porch as I was leaving for FNM, unfortunately my phone doesn't seem to work with it, though I can play on the Tablet, which means Steam streaming (though the Guide button doesn't work, since it just shunts you to the tablet's main screen.

Just kidding, we all know Republicans don't actually care about their own using government assistance programs! That's why it's okay for Ayn Rand to argue in favour of gutting funding for programs she benefited from, but when black people buy soda they're welfare queens.

Better hypothetical:
"Mamma Hitler applies for food stamps, but German (so I guess Lebensmittelmarke). Do you turn her down?"
Time traveling Republican who somehow has the authority to make that decision: [Sweats]

Pro life people don't actually care about babies, so the baby Hitler argument is just a weird way to say something positive about Hitler.

Nobody was even arguing to abort baby Hitler anyway. He's a baby, you don't abort babies, you abort fetuses.

Because of the dog I woke up over an hour before I intended to and I'm too hungry to sleep, so I guess I'm going to heat a frozen pizza, try to finish , then go do twelve hours of Magic on like two hours of sleep.

That's not even an intended feature, it's just that the app is bad at what it does.
I have to wonder if the actual hardware is just streaming your whole desktop instead of just the Big Picture window.

I just realized I can use Steam Link to stream to the tablet, so I'm actually going to just watch the rest of this in bed.

One coin will get you a body disposal or it will get you a night at a ritzy hotel or it will get you entry into the secret assassin nightclub.

I love The Continental and that whole worldbuilding. It's like a live action anime. I could 100% see John Wick as an anime.

But also what one Continental coin will buy is random as hell.

Also, God, the fucking action scenes are filled with ruthless efficiency. They're so well choreographed. They're a fucking ballet.

Honestly I'd say this is a movie where the style is the substance, and yet it's so well done.

I can't think of this guy as anything other than the Mayhem character from the AllState commercials.

My heart hurts.
God, and he lays Daisy's collar down right next to Helen's necklace.

It's like the whole roaring rampage is an unhealthy coping mechanism for his wife's death.

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