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It's been a while, but I finally finished another analysis.
Thanks to I got to play Vampyr, a AA game that's a bit bloody, but has some really neat ideas in how to make play vampires.

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Also... Pls give me money.
They're are people who deserve it more, but it's not like I don't need it as well, and without it I feel trapped.$aspel

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I haven't looked at Mastodon in fifty days.
Probably because I'm back on Twitter, and afraid to link my account again.

I want to get back on Twitter, and I really need to stop looking at Reddit.

I spent several hours tonight making the Metal Gear Solid map for Sunday's Pathfinder 2e game.

Who the fuck introduced Reddit to the term "Karen", and why the fuck do they never seem to get it right?

I haven't had twitter for like a month and a half now...

I really miss it. Reddit is absolutely fucking horrible.

I want to be on Twitter again.

It's been three fucking weeks and I haven't even gotten a reply to my appeal.

Banned from Twitter yet again. I don't know if it's because I'm on a VPN or something or what, because I'm using a different number, a different email, a different IP, how the hell can they connect this account to my original one? I haven't even gone to Twitter on my phone for that very reason.

Did I somehow get dogpiled? I don't feel I did. Though the last thing I was doing was arguing with a tankie.

Elon Musk seems to have donated CPAP machines—which aerosolize covid-19—instead of fucking actual ventilators, and so far no one is reporting on this so me complaining about it on Reddit is just being met with a ton of downvotes and people acting like I'm jumping the gun and making shit up to hurt daddy Musk.

Even if they are ventilators, judging from the appearance, they're not the ones that are actually needed.

I stayed up all night making Pathfinder 2e homebrew I may never use instead of preparing for the session I was supposed to run today and I have nothing to show for it because no one plays Pathfinder 2e yet to be interested enough to look at it.

My damn uncle is going to the doctor's office because he can't shit and he's in so much pain.
I doubt it's the Rona, but fuck me, he's definitely going to catch it one of these days.

Why does Tusky not seem to interact well with my phone anymore? I touch it and can barely drag, or it flips back to the main timeline, or it just doesn't reload.

The worst thing ever is hearing about Rashida Tlaib's covid-19 UBI plan and knowing that it's never going to happen. Even Sanders' plan doesn't cover people who are already poor. There's nothing for the gig economy, or just the poorest.

Do you know what $2,000 and then $1,000 a month for a year would mean?

I could buy better VR equipment.
But also, I could pay rent. I could safely move out, and live as an adult for once, you know, if society still exists after all this.

I hope Biden had the boomer flu. If we're lucky, it will take out much of Congress.

This fucking sucks.
Give it to Ashley Johnston. If they really want to put a woman of colour in alien make up, go with Zoe Saldana.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment.

How does that work? Can I just go "I want some cymbalta, and my foot has been fucked up for months, and I want to pursue disability, and also I have sleep apnea."

Also people kept telling me that it's impossible and can never exist, but I literally linked this in the opening post and said that it was close but not quite what I'm looking for.

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Redditors are very mean and very annoying, and get mad if you point out that they're not actually giving you useful advice.

I made a thread asking for advice on a levelless, classless version of D&D/Pathfinder and people said things like "that's not D&D anymore" as if I care, and kept suggesting games like Chaosium's d% Basic Roleplaying System.

And then I'm the unreasonable asshole for pointing out that isn't what I wanted.

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