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It's been a while, but I finally finished another analysis.
Thanks to I got to play Vampyr, a AA game that's a bit bloody, but has some really neat ideas in how to make play vampires.

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Also... Pls give me money.
They're are people who deserve it more, but it's not like I don't need it as well, and without it I feel trapped.$aspel

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Read the stuff I've written and encourage me to write more things.

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I have no idea what I'm doing with my life or how I'm going to survive.
I'm on the verge of being homeless, I have no job, and my mental health couldn't actually handle having one anyway.
Also since being banned from Twitter I don't keep up with anyone so what little support structure I have is eroding.

People who play D&D type games, how do you handle a party that doesn't like killing?

I've been running Pathfinder 2e and aside from insta-gibbings and killing monsters and ghosts, my players have mostly taken prisoners when they can.

I wish I knew how to use social media. It's been so long since I had Twitter that I don't know how to interact with people again.

Didn't Wil Wheaton create his own Mastodon where he could get away from Bernie Sanders supporters back in 2016?

You know, on the one hand it's true that Naomi Osaka shouldn't have to sacrifice her mental health, but also she's extremely well paid and I can't help but be more concerned about the people who *aren't* and can't simply drop out of a competition just because they don't want to do something.
I'm depressed as shit, and yet I'm constantly on the verge of homelessness.

Let's see if the first video game I've pirated in ages actually works.

I forget how I used to get entergagement on Twitter. Who wants to pay attention to me and validate my existence?

How many of the people who came from Twitter so long ago are still here?

I'm tempted to spend some of my Biden Bucks on a 3D printer.
It seems so useful.
I can't think of how, but I'm sure it would be.

I suppose if I'm back on Mastodon I should say what I've been wanting to say on Twitter for a month now:
Read Mistborn
Read Stormlight Archive

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