I'm now getting DMs of support because people are afraid if they agree publicly they'll be harassed next. That's not a good atmosphere folks.

@Gargron Wheaton was harassed because he has a very long history of harming people and refusing to take ownership of it.

Yes, people are going to be upset at anyone who defends him because he is a bad person who has hurt people with his actions.

Several people have publicly said that yelling at you is bad, and have asked people not to complain to you. That's not getting them harassed, though, because they understand the issues at hand. You still don't seem to.

@Estrusflask @Gargron I saw someone literally threaten a mod with death over this last night. It's fucking absurd.

@dirtyjose @Gargron okay, that's a bit much, but still, people concern is reasonable and based on history.

@Estrusflask @Gargron People feeling like they can't speak up for fear of being threatened with violence over this is likewise reasonable. Nobody came out of this looking good. Nobody won here.

@dirtyjose @Gargron The difference is that we can see all the people speaking up because they are against Gargron's decision.

And they're also far more powerless than someone like Wil Wheaton.

@dirtyjose @Gargron Except that it is. The thing causing the atmosphere in question is that some people agree with Gargron and some people vehemently don't, and the reason that they don't agree is because they are incredibly uncomfortable with someone who has a horrible history gaining a foothold on Mastodon.

Ignoring the actual context of the drama is naive and pointless.

People feel Gargron is protecting an abusive person. That's pretty fucking relevant to the discussion.

@Estrusflask @Gargron So you don't think it's possible at all for someone to both understand the context for why a community would feel that way about him and agree in some aspect with how Gargron chooses to run his instance?

@dirtyjose @Gargron No, because to understand the context and yet still agree with Gargron is to say "I am okay with someone who causes many members of the community harm due to his very existence to be defended by the moderators".

I've watched other mods from other instances deal with Wheaton. I've watched them explain to Gargron what he should do. Instead he says "well harassment is bad no matter who it's at" and ignoring that normal users would not be given such treatment.


@dirtyjose @Gargron
What Eugen did is basically just ignored all the people telling him that Wheaton has caused harm. So, no, I don't really see that as a good thing, and while I don't think people should be harassed for their bad opinions, I also frankly don't believe that there's some large number of people who are afraid of speaking up in defense of Wil Wheaton, considering the numerous people doing exactly that.

Meanwhile he'd still be ignoring the vulnerable minorities.

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