Bisexual women cannot simply divest themselves of queerness at will and settle down with men.

This notion that bisexual women can't call themselves lesbians is entirely based on the belief that bisexuals, no matter how much more they prefer women, are simply straight in waiting.

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@Estrusflask The term lesbian belongs to any woman/femme-leaning enby that is attracted to the same. And they don't have to be *exclusively* attracted to them, either, because the LGBTQ+ community is meant to be *inclusive*, not exclusive. Fuck exclusivity.

@Estrusflask it fascinates me how bizarre bi erasure commonly is

like here we have "if you're a bisexual woman you're secretly just straight" and then for men its "if you're a bisexual man you're secretly just gay" like what in the fuck thought patterns even lead to this, why cant some people comprehend the concept of being attracted to two genders simultaneously lmao

@Estrusflask the only thing that'd baffle me even more is if they saw pansexual people and went "yeah sure okay"

@Estrusflask 🤦‍♂️ i dont, get these kinds of people at all,,,,

@Estrusflask ace aro women/women aligned ppl 100% experience never wanting men.

loud sighs in acearo

@Estrusflask Something about the notion of "someone who'd please a homophobic family" sticks in my craw.

Like, ah yes, homophobes, never just generally emotionally abusive regarding a person's choices anyway.

@Estrusflask god not to even mention the emotional & educational labor we have to do w cishet/cisbi men who we are romantically or sexually involved tired

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