People who play D&D type games, how do you handle a party that doesn't like killing?

I've been running Pathfinder 2e and aside from insta-gibbings and killing monsters and ghosts, my players have mostly taken prisoners when they can.

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@Estrusflask I would say run with it and put them in situations that deal more with puzzles and traps than enemies. Plenty of reason for someone to send them into a mostly abandoned dungeon for some lost heirloom or to rescue someone taken by bandits. Make them put their problem-solving skills to work with mechanisms that require objects to be placed in harmony (like idols that need to be lined up by shared traits) or light puzzles with gems.

@Estrusflask Modules are good, but if your players have different needs, catering to them is going to have more impact. I'd say with them being so combat averse, combat itself is going to be much more impactful if held in reserve. Meanwhile, clever puzzles or even a mystery and clues might get them going in ways a standard campaign won't. Having a mystery in a haunted house with a final showdown might blow their socks off in ways a dungeon full of goblins wouldn't.

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