Introducing Etebase - An End-to-end Encrypted SDK and Backend

Etebase makes it easy for developers to build end-to-end encrypted applications!

If you know of projects that could benefit from Etebase, please let us (and them) know!

@EteSync "getting things GNOME", I believe they were already pondering on the idea to use etesync for task syncronization.

@minkiu Thanks a lot! EteSync is already mentioned in that thread a good time it seems, but it's probably a good idea for us to pitch in. Will do now. Thanks!

@EteSync To easily develop a secure application, check out Etebase! From the developers of @EteSync comes an open source and end-to-end encrypted software development kit and backend for applications, which hides away complicated encryption in the background -> #NextGenerationInternet

@NGIZero Thank you for the mention and your continued support!

We hope Etebase will enable a new age of privacy-first and end-to-end encrypted applications so our data will no longer be used to track, analyse and manipulate us.

Let's end-to-end encrypt everything!

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