Free is not really free, you’re just paying with a different currency.

We are attending @fosdem again this year (1st and 2nd of February in Brussels). Let us know if you are around and would like to meet up!
You can reach us by mail, IRC, or even here. :)

We are very happy to announce that the long-awaited EteSync iOS client is now available on the App Store!

Thanks again to @NGIZero and NLnet for their support!

A reminder that while privacy legislation like the GDPR is great, it is not enough!

You can't trust anyone with your data, you have to it!

This is wrong on so many levels!

Even if you trust tech companies and "the government" with all your data (you shouldn't), who is "the government"? Is it the US? UK? Russia? Iran?
Are they arguing China should have access to everyone's private data?

Use and privacy-respecting software and you will have “everything”, including your !

An update on iOS support, an Android bug, and new supported payment methods!

For more information please read this month's monthly update:

iOS update: less than a month after the initial alpha release, you can now fully sync (pull and push) your tasks and events. Just like on Android, the desktop and the web! 🎉🎉🎉

For setup instructions and more information:

We are very happy to announce the first release of the EteSync iOS client! Yes, that's right, you can now end-to-end encrypt your contacts, calendars and tasks on iOS too!

Today is the first day of the . Don't forget, you can't have free speech, or free thought for that matter, without !

What a cynical attack on and our fundamental human rights! What next?
Another reminder to only use open source software and end-to-end encrypted services. Well, until they make those illegal too... 😱😡

The battle for is a tough one, but we mustn’t give up until we win!

You don't need to explain yourself for standing up for your rights, but it never hurts to have a good argument on your side.

is data! Find out some of the ways in which your metadata leaks private information.

Yet another tech company caught snooping on our private information... That's why we need end-to-end encryption NOW!

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