@puertorico Kudos!!!!

Time to take back your civilization from the imperial monsters👏👏👏👏👏

@Savil why would you want to put family in jail???

Maun Singh was just a silent puppet so that the Italian sponsored family could go scot free....sad sad period of Indian civil society

@IndiaNews stop making children your human shields.....it's fast becoming a favourite jihadi tool.....

@JayatiGhosh how tukde tukde gang converse😂😂😂

Same as @ndtv gang preaching about "confidential sources" & "messages received by them" 😀😀

@JayatiGhosh this pic epitomizes a bloated and out of touch @un sponsored free loaders...

Trump was right, UN needs to be cut to size

@IndiasMuslims what is the point of this tweet..?

if you support tukde tukde gang leaders, say it openly please...

@IndiasMuslims when your role model is a person who needs a toolkit+ 3 attempts to type a condolence tweet & whose only claim to fame is her family's balantant muslim appeasement.... people can easily guess your intentions

@IndiasMuslims that's probably because Muslim's prefer more mosques & madrassa and not better modern education ......

Typical of you to completely ignore the elephant in the room & go on a tangent

@IndiasMuslims if you wage jihad against Bharat then you probably deserve to be in jail....why is every jihadi propogator described as a "social activist" by you guys???


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