You should checkout Secure Scuttlebutt.

I'm looking into it recently, after Staltz's blog on it: staltz.com/an-off-grid-social-

Hi @bodil
I've followed the dicussion so far, and I'm intrigued by you saying "Bitcoin believer".

I'm getting into Bitcoin right now (I'm in the middle of the
"Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Online Course" - youtube.com/channel/UCNcSSleed) and so far I've found it a pretty decent idea.

Could you explain me why you don't like Bitcoin or point me into any resource of that kind?

Thanks :)

Hey @geir,

I just joined Scuttlebutt too (using Patchwork), but I couldn't find my public key through the UI.

Is there a button in the "Profile" page, or something like that? Or I have o dig into ~/.ssb?

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@carly_io I didn't test this enough, so I also don't know for sure. I'll spin up an instance for myself soon and find out.

@carly_io I don't think being part of a different instance excludes you from inner conversations on other instances.

@alahmnat Never though about it this way. Maybe it's because I'm new to this.

Sounds like a win-win!

@Rineroth @caseynewton I think he was joking by talking about himself. He just joined and wrote a blog post about Mastodon.

@pennsylforniageek For me, the main issue is the centralization of content inside a single provider.

I feel like YouTube is the only place where I can't leave Google's land

Is there something remotely as good as Mastodon for video/YouTube?

Mastodon, IPFS, Matrix.org, etc.

I like how this looks like


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