At EUNOMIA we are developing a platform which answers:

📍 Which social media user is the original source of a piece of info?

📍 How this information has spread and has been modified?

📍 How likely is the info to be trustworthy?

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I want to remind that #EUnomia is a research project funded with around 3 millions, also aiming to investigate the #fediverse.

companies leading #projectEUnomia are also involved in:

- mass surveilience
- military and law enforcment
- developing strategies and tools countering mass movements
- countering local journalism with clickbait

@Gargron is/was on their pay check with at least €63,290.

several month ago I made some research about them and puplished it here:
there's also an easy to remember shortlink available:

just for the record, there's also this older leak from an internal chat of them:

I still demand that everything of this money, will be granted to some migrant-anti-border-soli organisation, whichever you choose.

@Gargron or in support of indigenous struggle, or any struggle targeted by those companies you worked together with under the banner of #EUnomia.

@paulfree14 Hey would you mind removing or correcting where it says that these people have accounts on Scholar? All the accounts associated with these people have been suspended (some as long ago as Apr 2019), as they signed up in violation of our Community Standards and we'd rather not be associated with them

@bgcarlisle oh, great! Thanks for letting me know. I'll gonna correct this then.

Thought the article is kind of old, and haven't updated it, yet.

@paulfree14 Many thanks!

I asked because it was making the rounds today and I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea

Thanks again!

@paulfree14 @Gargron

This is a lot of #mainstreaming money coming into the fedivers at the moment its good to bring some visibility to this.

@paulfree14 Wow, this is really disturbing. Especially the “social credit score” aspect.

@Gargron, are you still involved in this? Is there somewhere I can read your thoughts on it and your involvement? Thanks!

@aral @Gargron
btw, keep in mind that this FAQ is already some years old. I made it some month after the colaboration was announced.

What remains:
Cooperation with very troublesome institutions happened, and Gargron never really responded to these concerns beside saying that it's all opt in.

The knowledge that those institutions could gather, is something they'll use in accordance to their own missions (citizen control, policing, border control, social movement interruption, surveillance). How much the knowledge they could gather is for their goals, is only something #EUnomia members could answer.

I still demand, that everything that you (Gargron) earned through working with EUnomia, to be gifted to some anti-border migrant org or some indigenous struggle.

@paulfree14 I’m not sure why you want to assume the worst of @Gargron. If he’d wanted to fuck people over while making mint, there are MUCH faster and easier ways than creating a revolutionary free and open communication network that (I feel at least) is a net good in the world. If there’s cause for ire here, it’s probably best aimed at the institutions using our taxes for such projects not folks in the community who might have gotten involved because they believed they aimed to do good.

I don't. I believe that @Gargron did not want to create any harm.

Normalising the collaboration with such institutions nevertheless is harmful.
His job was actually very much about exactly doing this.

@aral @Gargron
And this cooperation did not just happen with Gargron participating individually, but as mastodon too.

@rochelimit @aral @bob
In case you're capable of enough empathy to learn the perspective of those opposed to police and their violence, here's a reading advice:

Our enemies in blue

violence against migrants, bootlicker 

@rochelimit @aral @bob
>And countering dangerous ideologies is a social positive, although I share your worries that the technologies 'could' be misdirected towards mass movements.

It not that it *could* be, it is that this is part of the intention.

I believe you either have not carefully read the complete FAQ, or you try to intentionally miss represent it.

Here's a quote:

EU, mass surveillance 

@rochelimit @aral @bob
> PACE is a project by trilateral research that aims to develop tools capable of countering mass movements. In their own project description they claim that they direct research and action countering populist movements that threaten the liberal order in Europe. While I'm in favor of countering racism, antisemitism, sexism, nationalism and alike, they do not name this. Their tools aim to support authoritarianism by giving the leader the possibility to identify key messages and key people before a movement becomes a mass movement or while it is, and to help them to understand how they can keep authority over the struggle and communicate accordingly.

EU, mass surveillance 

I had hoped that we could have a discussion about how the evidence supports your claims. A real strength of Mastodon is the polite nature of the discussions I experience here.

But resorting to personal insults immediately on being questioned - I would be on Twitter if I wanted that sort of automatic escalation of rhetoric.

@aral @bob

EU, mass surveillance 

@rochelimit @aral @bob
I provided you evidence.
What do you want me to do different?

EU, mass surveillance 

It seemed, on reading your FAQ and then researching each organisation you mentioned, that you lept to unwarranted conclusions about the motives and behaviour of each. The FAQ is a series of claims with no references or links to supporting evidence, so the conclusion can only be treated accurately as opinion. "Bootlicker" also seemed to be unsupported assertion

Now, you may be correct, but a third party cannot reliably - 1/2

EU, mass surveillance 

conclude that from your piece.

Can you link to specific evidence for your specific claims?

(I've taken this off the thread to avoid spamming the others) @paulfree14 - 2/2

EU, mass surveillance 

I provided to most claims references.
Not to all that's true.
You'll find many references in this section:

(not as link, but url in plain text. So if you just skimmed through, you might have missed that)

To which claims do you need more reference? I made lots of claims, and gave reference to many. Do you understand that it's very confusing, if you ask to give reference to specific claims, without actually naming them?

And that's one of such moments, I don't know if you're really arguing in good faith, or if all you try is to stand and defend your own position. I really don't know. Just wanted to make that transparent.

@aral @paulfree14 @gargron i don't know, speaking as a computer scientist who's been in this profession for a few decades, it's in my experience quite common for someone's career to start out in one direction and slowly, over time, turn into downright evil. each step might look innocent enough, but the end result is not. and personally, since it is so common, i no longer give a pass to people who fall into this. we are well-equipped to know better, and choose better, at this point.

@aral @paulfree14 @Gargron

China invading Fediverse?

pnEUmonia looks very suspicious.

@aral @paulfree14 Hi Aral. Paul's spin is really disturbing. Universities have a lot of projects going on by different students, professors and departments; the European Commission has a countless number of grants for the academic sector, to imply that there is a thread of malevolent intent from the very top to the very bottom is ridiculous. Here's my introduction of Eunomia on our official blog:

@Gargron @aral

I'm kind of glad you're still willing to respond, even if you feel the spin of my message is disturbing. Honestly, I feel the same about your message.

And what I'm missing is a respond to my actual concerns. You're playing a rhetoric that is distracting from it, making it sound as if it would be a respond, but all you say is "whataboutism".
Yes sure many other projects exists, BUT I'm speaking not about others, I'm speaking about those you collaborate with.

Here some quotes of what the companies that are part of #EUnomia and that you work with are involved in:

- "Combating irregular migration...",
- "...a surveillance system of the European Union (EU) that uses drones, reconnaissance aircraft, offshore sensors and satellite remote sensing, to track illegal immigration..."
- "INOV has been developing new brand new concepts, such as...suspicious behaviour detection."


shitty companies that Mastodon kind of coperates with 

@Gargron @aral

- "PACE is a project by trilateral research that aims to develop tools capable of countering mass movements."
- "INSPECT2T organized together with TRILLION (see Geroge Loukas) among others an event called "Next Generation Community Policing International Conference"

- "...Professional Solution Platform consists of various modules for law enforcement and homeland security departments"


and that just to name very few example of many more that I addressed here:

Yes, you can argue that this isn't any issue, but you don't. Since I published it, you never responded to it, until this day. Always only distracting from the concerns.

@Gargron @aral

thank you @paulfree14 for contiually bringing these people up and staying on the topic. I know how hard that can be especially in distracting environments like the fediverse.

Oh whoops forgot to include @liaizon in the above reply line 😓 Anyways: ⬆️ ⬆️

@Gargron Is there any update on your response to Paul's article? I am really worried about the companies collaborating in this project, and your answers and blog post are not reassuring.

@aral @paulfree14

People behind #EUnomia project are closely related to state-military-police circles. There is a comprehensive list of questions (like in "questionable") regarding this project here: which, I believe, one should consider before doing as much as sharing their content. To me, this is another attempt to extend state and corporate control over a *relatively) newly hatched #fediverse -- nothing good here.
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