Your digital companion for detecting misinformation is now available for testing πŸŽ‰

You can now head over to to sign up for the first public pilot!

@selea It is not supposed to. We can only process user data with explicit consent, so the pilot is confined to our own servers.


Alright, the confirmation email said that I could give my handle to my "friends so they can message or follow you from another server."

@selea That is the default Mastodon welcome e-mail πŸ™‚

@selea @Eunomia Another EUNOMIA server. E.g. this one is federated with :).

@Eunomia I have a question about the feature letting users flag posts as potential misinfo: How can you make sure large numbers of people don't flag true posts as misinfo?
There are large hordes of far-right, far-left and climate scepticists out there who I can image would do that 😧
Can't this be politically abused?

@sigsegv @Eunomia Of course it can. If you feel it is likely, you should not choose it as one of the criteria used by its AI to decide when to nudge you to pay more attention to it. By default, it isn't. By default, its AI only checks whether any similar post has been made before. It doesn't take into account the votes. The voting is more to get you to think before you reshare (because you might not want to share something that others will find untrustworthy).

@neudre @Eunomia aha, I get it now. So the plan is to keep it off by default then? Thanks for explaing! πŸ™‚

And this sounds like a nice project. The kind of censoring Twitter/FB do, by hand picking posts and users to slilence in an ocean of misinfo, is such a terrible idea. I believe much more in fighting misinfo by assisting people in in deciding for themselves whether a post contains misinfo or not. Some people won't care, but we can't save them anyway πŸ˜›

@sigsegv @Eunomia So what features you will enable in your settings depends on the community that you join.

Γ…h, OK. This answers the question I just asked you in my other reply πŸ˜… thanks!

@Eunomia Thanks you very much for working on this HUGE issue, i would also like to introduce you to this collective :

They do a lot of the journalist side of work regarding misinformation and bias. Their data included in Eunomia companion would be a great addition i believe.

@neudre @Eunomia If we can no do twice the same job. :) I'm affraid mediabiasfactcheck team doesn't have a proper API. But they do have a chrome extension so we could try to retro-engineer it :

@neudre @Eunomia I think i did find, the JSON is automatically updated : Probably that the RAW file can be used :

Figuring out the code will most probably be fairly easy.

@neudre @Eunomia

b = Bias status (left - right)
d = Domain URL
f = Alternative Domain URL but not sure.
n = Textual name of the website
r = Factual Reporting (Sourced - fake)
t = Seems similar purpose as f...
u = Medias Bias Fact Check website page url
P = Bias score (left - right) if low = right and if high = left.
C = Credibility
a = Traffic

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