"Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men, we didn't have any kind of prison. Because of this, we had no delinquents. Without a prison, there can be no delinquents. We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves. When someone was so poor that he couldn't afford a horse, a tent or a blanket, he would, in that case, receive it all as a gift. We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property." - John Lame Deer, Lakhota, 1903-1976

The California DMV Is Making $50M a Year Selling Drivers’ Personal Information

A document obtained by Motherboard shows how DMVs sell people’s names, addresses, and other personal information to generate revenue.


some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

The WeWalk smart cane works with smartphones and Google Maps to vocally guide people.


"D.J. and longtime friend Mike began trying to think of how to meet people and help them in ways that wouldn’t foster either dependency or servility. Their solution? A philanthropic road trip on Greyhound buses, riding wherever the next departure took them, and giving money to people they met along the way.... D.J. says. “All the money said was: ‘We’re serious about wanting to help you.’”"


A great site to make sure the wine you're about to buy hasn't been filtered through animal products:


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