We've had plans to start planning to begin to design a plan based on technology that doesn't exist to begin to plan to solve global warming since the concept first arose. Plan.
4. Having spent my entire life in, around, designing, inventing, and (especially) repairing technology, I hate to be this way, but:

I did a little reading on the Green New Deal this morning. Not every word there was to find, just an attempt to familiarize myself with the concept.
It appears to me that it's not so much a plan to alleviate or halt global warming, as it is a plan to make a plan to... Etc.
And like all the other plans to make plans to begin to invent currently non-existent technology to fix the problem.
3. It has this big box in the middle marked "Here a miracle occurs."
That part. That part doesn't work.(cont)

Let's all clap for the death of our civilization.

“I never thought they’d eat MY face off!” shrieks woman who voted straight-ticket Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.

If you excuse your child heckling a Native American, who’s trying to deescalate a situation, by saying he shouldn’t have stepped in—you’re a shit parent.

Some people say "the cruelty is the point," but this is not quite right. Cruelty would mean they see you as something capable of feeling. They do not. They see you as an entity capable of producing, and you are to produce what they wish to consume.

Their pleasure is the point. Their glee. Their joy. That this hunger is sated by cruelty and pain is a secondary consequence they couldn't care less about.

when you have a bunch of white kids screaming 'build the wall' at indigenous folks it's very apparent that 'the wall' has nothing to do with border security, it's simply a monument to white supremacy

Just in case you were curious, it was a boy's club sponsored by a Catholic School that disrespected native Americans yesterday in DC.

A better analogy...
The US would rather burn down it's own house than share it

If Dems refused to reopen the government until marginal tax rates increased to 70%, the press would be apoplectic. But when Trump & McConnell do it for a hugely unpopular and unnecessary wall, it's all "wow both sides really need to figure this out."

A decision not to impeach would be a strictly a political one, not based on evidence or fact. This is true for any Dems saying they don't want to be "distracted" by impeachment--it means they're prioritizing re-election over their congressional responsibility.
Being a member of Congress should NOT be a career.

Reports in the last 24 hours:
Trump ordered Cohen to pay to rig early polls
Thousands more kids were torn from their parents
Trump tried to illegally block funding to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico
Trump obstructed justice by directing his lawyer to Congress about secret deals with the Kremlin.

And that, folks, is clear-cut obstruction of justice.

Imagine if we lived in a real country with a representative government that upheld the rule of law.
Just imagine...

public doesn't get how fast things are moving....if Trump/McConnell keep the shutdown going (as I expect they will), this place will look very different in a month than it does now.
A place no one recognizes...

I will personally donate to the Donald Trump Memorial Wall on the Southern Border.

Trump is out of ammo. He just invited everyone to watch a shootout at the OK corral and all he had was blanks.
Same tired old rhetoric

Donald Trump, renowned humanitarian, wants to help migrants by walling off their right to seek asylum and by keeping children in jail.

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