Implemented the working back end for the pronoun selector. You can edit your pronouns in the settings menu, which are then used in NPC dialogue and narrative.

When editing, you can use any pronoun 10 letters or less.

Some of the fruits of this weekend's work: An NPC making their way to their bed at the end of the day and going to sleep for the night.

This is done via the same scripting API that will be available for modding use. Writing out NPC schedules is a pretty simple task now, and allows for calling Lua scripts at the beginning/end of the pathfinding for stuff like entering beds or interacting with objects.

A look at the second ELEMENTAL spell: Ice Spike.

On impact, it slows the target significantly. At its most basic, it will slow enough for you to get some distance. When Empowered, it slows three times as much.

Mastering the spell causes four more Ice Spikes to emit from the target, which can in turn emit Ice Spikes from their targets, causing massive chain reactions in large groups. Video of that coming soon!

As with all ELEMENTAL spells, Ice Spike cannot pierce walls

A closer look at the first spell you'll likely use: Fireball.

Most spells in Evenfall grow naturally as you level up in their school of magic. For example, Fireball becomes more furious as your ELEMENTAL level grows, dealing more damage on impact.

Beyond that, you can "Empower" and "Master" spells as special unlocks, which can totally alter the way you interact with the spell. When upgraded, the Fireball spell unleashes 3 and 5 fireballs instead of just 1.

The intricacies of the schools of magic in Evenfall are the primary focus of the game. For example, LIGHT magic tends to be powerful, but delayed, or requires setup to execute on.

The enemy, "Radiant", is a phoenix-like bird of pure light. It also has delayed attacks that require it to focus in, but due to the nature of LIGHT magic, it's hard to combat Radiants with light.

More than just resist percentage, it's just the nature of the magic.

Evenfall Arcane's story centers around you and your character's difficult, heroic path. Be who you want to be, even set your own custom pronouns to make the game's dialogue feel right for you.

New Elemental spell: Fireblast!

Click to charge, let go to fire. Launch a huge explosion far, or a small one close. You're in control.


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