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@adamjohnsonNYC@twitter.com Everyone seems to keep forgetting Boomers had THE most awesome protests ever. But now media would like us to believe they're all evil. Evil! Rich. Poor. CEO. Homeless. Black. White. The lot of them. Being born between certain years curses you! 🙄 Nothing but

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@adamjohnsonNYC@twitter.com No war but the class war.

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Boomer-bashing is not left nor is it at all radical. It’s shadow boxing. Generational discourse is an outgrowth of 1950s marketing literature people used to sell Pepsi & now empty shirts like Buttigieg. It largely serves to obscure class, sexism, white supremacy, anti-LGBTQ et al twitter.com/tobitac/status/118

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It’s just being ridiculously woke to point out that Obama dropped 26,171 bombs on seven countries in his last year in office alone as those people should just get over it quickly.

Or nope.

Obama is cancelled. twitter.com/cnn/status/1189595

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@finchfrii@twitter.com @bushido49ers@twitter.com 🔥 Voters in Closed Primary states *must* register as Democrat to vote for Bernie in the primary.

Register today! voteforbernie.org/

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The mass exodus of Deadspin staffers to protest the razing of their publication is truly inspiring. As more vulture capitalists continue to circle digital media, we should all take note—and plan accordingly.

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It was when I spoke of my dad & family living among corporate pollution that made me tear up. @BernieSanders@twitter.com really saw my neighbors and believed them when they explained how poverty and pollution was killing them. twitter.com/the_vello/status/1

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Hey there! Somewhat new to Mastodon, still getting used to it. Looking for fellow Berners to follow.

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Welcome to Mastodon! Be sure to check out / use the hashtag to find fellow newcomers!

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Rex Tillerson denies Exxon Mobil hid financial costs of climate change trib.al/SApsTbS 

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2:20 PM - 30 Oct 2019
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Idk how it never occurs to white people to just do some research on what minorities go through, instead of forcing an unfortunate person near them to explain it all.

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This vid from the Bernie campaign's visit to Rashida Tlaib's district is good through and through. But one particular part stands out: a student who says her teachers have to work 2-3 jobs and lack basic supplies, but the teachers themselves are "the best" youtube.com/watch?v=b1V9mRUp_P

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If Liz Warren were chosen as the nominee would you vote for her in the general election, stay home or write in someone else?

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@BernieSanders@twitter.com's lowest donation amount is $3. He should raise it to $4.20. Pick up an extra 40% per donation and get an idea of how many people support cannabis legalization. c.c. @fshakir@twitter.com @GunnelsWarren@twitter.com

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Four Minnesotans who are on probation sued the state, arguing it was unconstitutional to deprive them of their right to vote during the time they’re on probation or supervised release → bit.ly/2BSQ3ho

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Charlie Chaplin devoted his first “talkie” film to mocking Nazi Germany—but poking fun at Hitler was only half of the story. Chaplin also delivered an unflinching view of the realities of antisemitic persecution in Nazi Germany. medium.com/@HolocaustMuseum/ch

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