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Rachel with a different kind of rabbit monster (maybe it's less dangerous?)
My attempt at fur texturing and using a foliage brush

Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove is releasing tomorrow, and everyone should get it. Cause Toejam and Earl games are great!

Happy Valentines! Julie is here to support you this day (and so on!). Romantic, platonic, and for your love of a hobby! โ™ฅ

Finally gave colors (although I always had it in my mind that Mel was pink) and names to some-what old characters I made.

Commission for RyanSignGuy (Twitter), his characters Cell and Mercury enjoying some delicious milkshakes.

My commissions are still open, please share my post (that I'm replying to), thank you

Pokemon Uranium CC's Pokemon of the Month... for January... But it's okay cause it hasn't been not-January for too long.

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