things I like in comic books right now.
DC Metal
Doomsday Clock
The Flash
Superman (before Bendis)

The Batman Who Laughs is my new fav thing....ever. At least until Friday when the Punisher drops. Whoa nelly...that was awesome.

Pumped for tomorrow. The Batman Who Laughs is out. It's gonna be good. I can feel it!

Because I'm an easily confused doofus, I've taken to thinking about Mastodon like:

Home: My neighborhood
Local timeline: My Zip Code
Federated timeline: The Whole Friggin' World
Instances: A parallel universe/AU

Politics, bookface, fundamental loss of civil rights. 

Hey! I'm a comic book writer & filmmaker best known for the PLANET HULK comics & the indie movie ROBOT STORIES.

I'm currently writing MECH CADET YU for BOOM, INCREDIBLE HULK & WEAPON X for Marvel, JOHN WICK for Dynamite, & DUO for Milestone.

I've run Kickstarters with Jonathan Coulton for CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD & THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HERSELF. Also wrote a book of Kickstarter secrets called, well, KICKSTARTER SECRETS.

I really enjoyed tonights episode. Wait, I mean last nights episode

I’ve seen much complaining about instances on here. I just have a question. Is there a list of instances I can look at? Or....anyone know a good instance for comic books or video games?

Little MECH CADET YU tease, first time show right here at Mastodon.

Here's Skip Tanaka from MECH CADET YU #5, coming next month. Art by Tak Miyazawa.

And video games. and hopefully by the holiday I'll be rocking that sweet :warcraft: :overwatch:

I hope I can find more comic book fans here. That's what I used Twitter for and then politics took over everything.

Should rename this Minotaur because it's a goddamn labyrinth.

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