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Looking to learn about puberty blockers for a trans girl 

Fight Club is "what if He-man but it's only Adam himself that can't tell he is the same person as He-man".

I'm still convinced that nobody _actually_ calls him the space cowboy.

This paper is written much more entertainingly than I expected going in :)

coworkers-, complaining 

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“Dark Euphoria is what the twenty-teens feels like. Things are just falling apart, you can’t believe the possibilities, it’s like anything is possible, but you never realized you’re going to have to dread it so much.”

-Bruce Sterling

"I'm extra awake right now" - 12 yo child visibly struggling to stay concious

I love the thumbnail they chose for Into the Spider-verse so so so much. It makes me happy every time I go to watch something on PS4.

The marker running out made for a nice gradient in this hex maze

I miss flashing colors in my face to make Vines so today I flashed colors in my face to make a basically-Vine m.tiktok.com/v/667286765388903

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I kinda want to know how I got categorized by The Algorithms to make me get ads for toilet seats so often lately.

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