Weird TL tonight so to make it weirder here are some nice replies to a “how do satellites work” questions in the flat earth group.

@Excuse_haver to many songs about satellites...somethings fucky.......its probably Big Satelite

@elchapo too many songs about magical manmade objects that fire into the sky and turn into stars that we can see from the ground, our own contribution to the cosmos. No other explanation really. Cover up city.

@Excuse_haver satellites don’t exist. Have you ever noticed that your dish doesn’t move. Obviously it is locked on some kind of fixed satellite. Geostationary one might say.

@Excuse_haver I'm pretty sure 90% of the Flat Earth group is made of shitposters with the 10% being very gullible about what's happening around them :blobcatcoffee:

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