Just got into a new flat earth meme FB group and hhhooooo baby.

Facebook post: The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe.
Reply from a science page: Say that again, but slowly.

@Excuse_haver "It just don't work like that. None of this works like that!" ROFL

@HuntinHippy the #1 hardest thing about posting flat earth memes to Mastodon is doing the captions. Because like, how the HFUXK do I explain what is going on in these images.

@JohnBrownJr someone smart should photoshop out the hand and level so we can see what other things are flat.

@Excuse_haver i mean unless you think levels can lie (they can’t)

@Excuse_haver this is the best evidence for flat earth i’ve ever fucking seen

@juicebat yeah like what do you say to this guy? He’s got the level right there!

@Excuse_haver when they going to make a reality tv show where these peeps try to find the edge of the earth?

@demonsthenes13 I dunno but I would pay $500 to watch a show where they get fired into space to see what shape the earth is. It’s coming.

@Excuse_haver I want them to do the work though...old lazy butts can't just sit on their couch with their bong...they gotta get out there and work it :blob_raccoon_coffee:

@demonsthenes13 what a motley crew that would be. The flat earth expeditionary force. You got some antivax moms, some incel mad lads, some infowars brain worm guys....

@Excuse_haver hey...if they can intermingle on twitter, they can intermingle for their race to find the edge of the world


Can 1 group of visionaries,
Find their way,
To the edge of the world,
And the edge of their hearts.

FLAT: American Truthseekers

This fall, on Fox

@demonsthenes13 it would start out funny and train wrecky but would get sad and depressing by middle of S2 when they start to realize they’ve been wrong the whole time.

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