James Fave posts (I was away this week, missed a lot)

Damn it’s true of the week: @selontheweb for “don't do the crime if you can't do the crime.”

Goodfellas post of the week: @JohnBrownJr “*ray liotta voice* as far back as I can remember all I wanted to be was a poster.”

Bot post of the week: @matt “it’s a farce” (Ed Note. Sure is buddy, sure is)

Most sincere question: @ItsJenNotGabby “Why does anime have so much gratuitous sex??”


Fave posts cont’

Best thing that I successfully ignored: @garfiald for plump nuts or something? I dunno.

Best excuse for starting a hellthread: @Quixote171 for “I'm just trying to Have Fun Online”

Best hets-burn: @hasya23 for “fantasy football is just sewing circles for straights”

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I just want to be clear, I didn't start that Hellthread. 😂

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