figuring this out, gush, thanks 

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just running the race here looking for numbers trying to get people to like some false image of myself.
I've been trying to figure out why those endorphins hit so hard when I get a boost or a fav. Specifically i keep asking myself "is it worth hanging around if those mean more to me than trying to forge real friendships and throw my heart into this community?" If it were true, than no - 1/3

figuring this out, gush, thanks 

I would shutter this thing and go back to whatever the fuck I spent my time doing before.
But actually it's not true. I'm not sitting here steeple-fingered watching notes roll in with my lit stogie turning my tootspace into a hazy villain's den. Whenever someone says "hey, you should follow my jammy! He's doing it!" I am both amazed and bewildered and deeply deeply touched. Every tiny interaction with any person on here has meant the world to me - 2/3

figuring this out, gush, thanks 

Its taught me that there are still places on the internet where I can let my guard down and be me.
So if anybody actually reads through all of this, know that I really appreciate you and your company. ☺️ Thanks for giving me a chance. - 3/3


@MrJimmy Jimmy you are an awesome account to follow and you make great posts and you are, without question, one of the kindest people here. You should stay!

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that's so amazing to hear, i love your friendship and support, James, thank you!! 😭 💛

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