No one:

Me: “They sure consume a lot of dairy in the Redwall series. WHO ARE THEY MILKING?!?”

Don't ask... 

Don't ask... 


@Excuse_haver @InvaderXan @whiskeysailor @RobinHood J Jonah Jameson with a black af coffee on his desk: I need Spider-Man’s milk and I need it now!

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@whiskeysailor @InvaderXan @RobinHood J Jonah Jameson smirking with his bripe in the corner of his mouth adding milk with an eye dropper with a taped on label that says “spidey’s special stuff”.

@Excuse_haver @whiskeysailor @InvaderXan @RobinHood Peter Parker sneaking a look at him and sighing. “The things we do for love” he thinks.

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