Fantasy Mastodon. Draft a team of posters. Points for how good their posts are. Eugen make this.

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@Excuse_haver i should be top 3 each week by her boost count alone

@Excuse_haver I feel like I'm making a risky pick by taking @matt as my first round draft. I feel like this is a high risk, high reward situation. On one hand you have a Turban Sage, and on the other Alexandra Aheago Cortez.

@Excuse_haver @sexybenfranklin @matt the pros are gushing over Matt after ror shack. Buy now before the price goes up.

@Excuse_haver I'm going ttle first if he ever declares (comes back), if not probably @brogepi as a volume shooter to fill up the cup

@matt @brogepi I think @healyn is a safe high floor poster. Can’t go wrong there.

@Excuse_haver are we able to pick people who aren’t here anymore? because dave was top tier

@j997922 yes everyone is available except Eugen he’s off limits.

@MrJimmy @j997922 picks cost follower points to draft. You start with 3000 follower points, posters cost the number of followers they have. So you can pick @muppetbutler but it’s gonna cost you 1k+. Or you go for value and pick some underrated posters.

@Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 I’m gonna take Ross who was criminally underfollowed on his KNZK with just over 600 follower points, but with the shift to Rad Town is the best value I can imagine

@matt @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 could you pull the same move and take an alt? Like I could choose Evan, but use the follow stats from his L.P. account?

@Red @matt @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 I am going to Moneyball the shit out of the fictional fantasy Mastodon draft

@Thomas @matt @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 if you're allowed to do that I'm allowed to draft my 26 alts

@Red @Thomas @matt @MrJimmy @j997922 you could get real trick with alts. Lots of potential for collusion in this league, which is of course highly encouraged.

@Red @Thomas @matt @MrJimmy @j997922 thinking of stacking Karen and laser and then filling out the rest with bots.

@Excuse_haver @Red @Thomas @matt @MrJimmy @j997922 I'm gonna pick up all the beat bots. I'll get the uwu one, starwalle and the traaa cross poster

@Thomas @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 in terms of year on year production I don't think it's worth it unless Evan switches to laserdisc party full-time in which case you got a major bargain

@matt @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 he can’t be on two teams though, so it could just be a preventative move to keep someone from drafting his main

@Thomas @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 you can draft my .social if you want but someone else can draft my radtown

@matt @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 then I’m gonna draft all of y’all so you’ll have to throw your own games or risk hurting your reputations

@Excuse_haver @Thomas @matt @j997922 @Red
You know my picks are based on sentimentality... this is just mean

@matt @cuttlefish @Thomas @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @j997922 oh ok good luck getting slaughtered in the first wave of the robot revolution because u were too proud to click a star

@matt @cuttlefish @Thomas @Excuse_haver @j997922
Hey woah, just because you cant SEE the favs dosnt mean they dont get them.

Remember: faves dont federate properly. We gotta find a way to get raw data.

@MrJimmy @matt @cuttlefish @Thomas @j997922 Eugen will figure it out. Might make a special bot slot. Everyone’s gotta have one. Like a kicker.

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@JohnBrownJr @matt @Excuse_haver @MrJimmy @Thomas @j997922 starbot was better last season, have you seen louisa bot lately? Rookie mvp

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