Just saw this on best of Nextdoor and I’m absolutely livid.

@Excuse_haver holy shit. Tell me a landlord posted this under a pseudonym

@remulacfrommars Yeah I can’t tell if that’s better or worse. I think it’s the same. I’m pounding my fists like a mad judge at this.

@remulacfrommars @Excuse_haver you beat me to it, landlord with a fake mustache and goofy disguised voice saying “it is perfectly normal to pay 115% of one’s rent every month and you as a renter like me, should feel vaguely guilty about not doing so.”

@Excuse_haver damn it would have been so much easier to type "i love the taste of the bottom of a boot"

@pbandkate it’s the most bonkers thing I’ve ever read. Even if it’s fake the idea of tipping your landlord is unfathomable.

@Excuse_haver ah, excellent work *checks notes* exploiting my labor with your wealth, heres another hundo, get yourself something nice

@laser I like that he’s considerate enough to increase his tip around the holidays. Because the landlord might need extra money. At the holidays.

@Excuse_haver I pay their kids to have me mow their lawn, personally

@laser I’ll tip my landlord this holiday by not flushing a turkey down the toilet.

@Excuse_haver My company has a tradition where the CEO's daughter (the "office administrator") goes around every December and asks us all to contribute $20 to a gift for her parents for being so good to us.

He makes $5 million a year. He owns a yacht with a professional pilot and a tour-bus-sized RV he (informed us at the last employee appreciation shindig that he) pays $5000/month for.

Nearly everyone pays. This is boomers living the dream.

@Excuse_haver Well I'm a millennial so I'm just tryna sink the company

@Excuse_haver Hi, yes, my name is Ryan Landlor...uh...Groundking.

@Excuse_haver I've seen this frequently, especially around the holidays people give their landlord gifts of cash


@Thomas @Excuse_haver wait that wasn't purely a shitpost?? how can that be real.

@Excuse_haver the spiderman 2 arc where parker gets mad at his landlord for refusing to perform basic maintenance and later apologizes and buys him a pizza. the aforementioned basic maintenance never occurs.

@Excuse_haver clearly a landlord trying to fool people

@Excuse_haver honestly, this feels more like someone bitching about having to tip and using absurdity to make that point.

@Excuse_haver There is no way this wasn’t posted by a landlord, right?

@tesseract I mean it’s a probable answer but like, I think thats worse?

@Excuse_haver To be fair, if you come from a non-tipping culture, tipping makes no damn sense.

@Excuse_haver steve buscemi skateboard meme "how do you do fellow renters?" lmao

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