I need 20 followers in 20 days to have 666 on Halloween. This is now a romcom.

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@Excuse_haver In this movie I’m played by Zac Efron (handsome). Rachel Mcadams (beautiful) told me that she would only go to prom with me if I could get to 666 followers. So I recruit a nerd girl (secret beauty) to help me. I wonder what will happen.


Days left till Halloween: 11

Followers left to 666: 14


@Excuse_haver I'm the mean jock who only needs 4 more to get to 666 and is a real smug bastard about it

@Excuse_haver the cigarette I'm about to spark is going to fall from my mouth in shock when you beat me to 666 and everyone cheers

@Louisa you have two crabbe and goyle style goons that follow you around and they keep making alts to bump you up but my nerd girl hacks them and deletes them all.

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