@Excuse_haver assuming it keeps its mouth shut and neglecting internal organs

@swirlz If I ever catch a topologist doing this to a dog I’m gonna flip out.

@swirlz @Excuse_haver joke's on them, I always neglect my internal organs ZING

@Excuse_haver I'm reminded of the joke about the topologist who had a coffee mug and a donut and couldn't figure out which one to dunk.

@radikalgrafitio @Excuse_haver Oddly enough, that was my reaction too when I first heard the joke

@Excuse_haver @red This diagram is clearly wrong. You can’t ignore the internal organs, they make a useful hole. Dogs are clearly donuts. Topology QED

@Excuse_haver I hope this goes on to tell you how you can't comb the hair on a dog flat and that this is called the "hairy ball theorem" because, it is

@Excuse_haver "assuming it keeps its mouth shut" sounds like a threat. Like if this dog keeps barking I'm gonna make a few more holes in this topological shapw

@shel exactly. What the heck kinda operation are these topologists running.

@Excuse_haver if the dog is neglecting its internal organs I think the dog is depressed :blobsad:

@Excuse_haver That's bullcrap assumption, too. Topologically animals are doughnuts (there is a tunnel through animals, the gut, which is arguably outside the organism).

@Excuse_haver The sentence under that pic got cut off, but it really puts this into perspective

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